You want to perform a setup of SAP S/4 HANA in Azure. And you do want to do it quick so that you can experience the overall process and get ready for your landscape deployment. If so, this document is for you. This document enables you to perform the setup and configuration of the S/4H in Azure.
In this setup, we used the embedded option of SAP Fiori. What is embedded option? Don’t worry, we will cover the basics later in this document. This is a hybrid mode installation where SAP Application layer runs on Windows and Large Instances on linux operating system.
Yes! You can accomplish this all in less than 1 day. Excited? Let’s begin…



Read the attached article for complete detail.

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Hi Sachin 


Easy summary to follow it.  My quick comment would be, Page 3 Section 3. 


Do you need solution manager? No. Good news is you can generate the stack file from SAP’s support portal. 


The Maintenance Planner is hosted by SAP, it only requires a browser to access the tool. MP is reading from SAP internal customer profile and the profile is sending and register from Solution manager of customer. If the correct information of LMDB and SLD are not maintain correctly, the stack file will not be correct.