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Hi all!  We are deploying the monthly current channel updates with SCCM 1606 and some clients get stuck at "Downloading - 50%".  Has anyone else seen this?  The SCCM clients are on v1602 and we saw this back when the SCCM server was on 1602 as well.  So f

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We are experiencing the same problem with SCCM 1610 while deploying Office 365 Client Update - Current Channel (1611-5).  The status gets to the status "Download 50%" and

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Hi Chris, In a follow up to Ronni, have you noticed this happening when going to a specific DP or at a specific site...or does it seem wide spread or random? Do you have ... Read More

Hi Chris,


I've seen similar behavior at one of my customers. Are you running multiple languages of office 365?
All supported languages should be configured/enabled in WSUS

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I am a current student at the University of Southern Indiana.
I would like to take advantage of the tools and resources that are available here.
The university offers Office 365 Pro Plus Retail for students in a click to run file online.
I would like t

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Hi Shanell, as Nuno suggested, I also recommend to use the XML editor at http://officedev.github.io/Office-IT-Pro-Deployment-Scripts/XmlEditor.html to create your configu

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I am assuming you are downloading the office setup from the internet for the first time.

Download the configuration tool on the external drive you want to install office 3... Read More

Does anybody know if there is a structure behind the error codes that the Office Deployment Tool displays, if the deployment fails?


I've seen codes from 0-1008 (0) to 30088-1007.

Is there any logic behind a code number range or format, like SMTP error code

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Hi Sonia,


Maybe you are running regarding your error codes from network location, can you tell what is your configuration file and what are the steps to running ?


You can

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Hello Sonya.  I'm having the SAME error code.
Have you found any solutions please.
If I find out anything, I'll definitely post.
Thanks!configuration.pngoffice 365.png

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Hi Sonia, I'll research this and provide more details as to what these codes mean.

Today the Office 365 ProPlus engineering team published a new article that details the approximate download size of each new release by channel when updating a recent previous release of Office 365 ProPlus to the most current release.  This article will b

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I find very little information on SSO into Office 365 ProPlus when it is deployed using SCA.


Should it be possible for a user to log into Windows (domain joined, AADSync, no roaming profiles)

and be logged in automatically into Office ProPlus

or will

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With Shared Computer Activation the user is always prompted for their username on first launch.


With Federated Authentication (SSO) it is possible to remove the requireme

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After the the last Current Channel version update (i.e. version 1612 build 7668.2066), in the backstage instead of "Current Channel" I read "Deferred Channel" ! Of course all the feature of the latest Current Channel build are regularly there... It appear

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Have not seen it here either - although we don't have anyone using the Italian geo to verify your current theory.

Hi Salvatore - not in my case


But you on not USA SKU, that's always a bit different story

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This page (https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/mt592918.aspx) shows the last Current Channel release to be the 4th Jan.  This is before the patch Tuesday security bulletin publication.


There was a bulletin released for Office 2016, and typically t

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Deferred Channel (DC) 1605 and Current Channel 1611 are about 6 months apart from a code perspective. So it could very well happen, that discovered security issues is onl

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This does look strange, the Deferred Channel having received the MS17-002 update on 10th Jan but there is no sign of it on the Current Channel on 1611.  


So either it's n

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Hi all,


Was wondering if any of you have come across an issue we have recently been hit with.


Users are experiencing sporadic and frequent hangs of their Outlook client. There doesn't seem to be any pattern. Each time, however, we notice an event log noti

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I'm guessing this support note doesn't help you much, as it just tells you to upgrade. It's interesting that the build number in the support note details is 16.0.6965.205... Read More

How can an Office 365 administrator activate the 'language and time zone'-option in the user settings?


in this article Change your display language and time zone in Office 365 for Business there is mentioned " If your Office 365 settings don't include an

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Did you solve the Problem?

Because i have the same problem, and there are many users can change their language and time zone by themselves but not all.


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I think it will take over the tenant language and time settings. You can change your language on personal level but need to download Office365 again.


For admin they can u

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I know this is not possible by default, but we have paid for 150 ProPlus licenses and those are still valid two years from now. Is there any way that this can be done for us by Microsoft? Does anyone know that to who I could reach out?

Otherwise we have to

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Hi Erjen,


You can create a support ticket to ask Microsoft to do that, they will validate with Tenant Admin within 2 subscriptions to make the transfer.

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On a few different tenants I have, the default Office theme (called "Office") seems to have changed the default font back to good old Times New Roman, instead of Calibri. I thought it had something to do with my production tenant, but when I tried a coupl

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What helped in my case was deleting default templates in "%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates" changing the default language to "English US" or similar in O

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I worked around it by copying


  • Normal.dotm
  • NormalEmail.dotm


From a "working" installation to the




directory. That does the

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If our default settings are First Release Deferred Branch, and a user installs Office 365 ProPlus, AND a GPO is in place that force sets that user to Deferred Branch, which of these scenarios is true, when installing from the Office 365 site:


Current Bra

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We are First Release for entire organization (for O365 in general)


We are set to Deferred Channel for Office ProPlus


However, when users download Office ProPlus, they get First Release for Deferred Channel as their default version. 


My understanding is th

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Some reading up on a topic that should probably be easier to explain then it actually is in documentation does prove this to be the case.

First Release (for the tenant) tr... Read More

The Office 365 ProPlus deployment team has been working hard to give IT pros the tools they need to successfully deploy Office 365 ProPlus in various scenarios. We recently released a new guide focused on making your organization’s ProPlus deployment a su

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Microsoft just released the Preferred Practices for Office 365 ProPlus Deployment guide, that should answer most (all?) your questions about deploying Office. The guide follows the familiar FastTrack design and covers 3 scenarios:


  • The Enterprise Managed s
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