From Ignite in Orlando to the Microsoft Event in New York City it’s been an exciting month for Microsoft To-Do.  We shared how To-Do can be used to better manage all your tasks across work and life, as well as previewed the latest updates and integrations coming to the app very soon.

So, without much further ado here’s a recap of the latest To-Do news. 


To-Do integrations across Microsoft 365

Turn emails into tasks

We’re extremely excited to unveil the new integration of Microsoft To-Do in Outlook.com and Outlook on the web. While in your inbox, open the tasks pane and drag and drop emails to it on the right-hand side to create a task. This task will sync to Microsoft To-Do with the associated email linked for reference. Now you don’t have to leave Outlook to create a task manually, and you’ll have the email to reference right in the task notes!


Mail_V2-min.gifOutlook on the web

Complete more of your daily tasks by seamlessly dragging tasks to block off time in your calendar. In the Outlook.com and Outlook on the web calendar view, open the tasks pane on the top right-hand corner to view your tasks. Drag and drop a task from the pane onto your calendar to block off time in your day to complete it. Scheduling a time to complete daily tasks adds a layer of intention to your day, so that you can be feel more focused and productive.


todo2.pngOutlook on the web

This integration will be coming first to Outlook.com starting in November 2018 followed by Outlook on the web starting in December 2018.


Flag an email, create a task in To-Do

We have heard your feedback and are happy to announce the integration of flagged emails in Outlook and To-Do. Once you flag an email in Outlook, it will automatically create a task in To-Do, under a separate flagged emails list. Since we understand that not all users utilize flagged emails as tasks, this feature will be opt-in only from your To-Do settings.



This integration will be rolling out across Outlook (including older versions for Windows)starting in December 2018.  


Create tasks in conversations

Never lose track of that thing you said you’d do in Skype conversations. Select the message in the conversation and click “Create a task” to open the tasks pane to add, edit and mark tasks as complete. Tasks created on Skype will be available in Skype and the To-Do app.



The Skype and To-Do integration is available on Skype for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android today.

Feature highlights from Microsoft To-Do

Dark Mode is now available on Android and Windows across all your lists. Head over to the app settings and switch to dark theme to enjoy Microsoft To-Do in dark mode. 



Inking in To-Do

Inking is supported on To-Do on Windows! Create and complete tasks using the power of ink today.



Get InTune for To-Do now

InTune in Microsoft To-Do is now generally available. With this new update, you can use mobile app management and conditional access with To-Do for Android and iOS devices. For more information on enabling this feature, visit aka.ms/ToDoIntune.


Add Importance to your tasks

You can now add importance to your tasks and mark any task as high priority. Tasks marked with the blue star will be aggregated into and “Important” list and the designation will be carried over across other lists, such as My Day.


We hope you love the latest updates from To-Do and give them a try today. Oh, and if you weren’t able to attend Ignite you can watch the To-Do breakout session from Ignite, here. For all announcements from the Microsoft Event earlier this month, read the blog post. As always, we appreciate all feedback and look forward to hearing from you!


When are all of these features coming to enterprise Office 365 tenants?

I hope we see integration with Outlook desktop and mobile to avoid needless app-switching. Also, what progress has been made on the recurring tasks issue, i.e., Due Dates or reminders moving back and forth after a task is completed?

Frequent Visitor

The drag and drop + calendar functionalities are killer features that I'm sure many of us have been waiting for! Great to see they're coming soon to Outlook on the web. Are these features coming to the Outlook desktop client as well?

Frequent Contributor

Some fantastic updates! I agree @Dennis Ameling this is a feature that'd I'd really use. I've been using a clunky alternative hybrid of OneNote Outlook and To-Do over the last year or so to do something that will be so simple.

My simple workflow is

items come into a physical and digital inbox and I have archive and ongoing notes in OneNote

I review an item from an inbox and then either action it or add it to my task list.

I then scan my tasks to prioritise based on those coming in and those from long term projects.

I then schedule time for thos tasks based on priority in my calendar.

@Philemon Burneyintegration with OneNote is a must! Combine with #hashtag categories, and OneNote can be a killer app on mobile devices as well! Combining it with To-Do would be great for GTD. 


But first things first: integration with Outlook desktop and mobile. Also, they need to improve contact syncing for Outlook mobile to make it a viable Android app. 

Occasional Contributor

When or how can I get the TODO icon in the suitebar?

Occasional Visitor

The text has updated recently and made it very hard to read on large screens. Can you please review the typography of the web app so that I can read my todo list easier again?



Occasional Contributor

Nice, but I still need Outlook categories sync. Either make them automatic lists or solve it other way. Thanks! :-)

Occasional Contributor

This is a step in the right direction. However, I still don’t quite understand the long-term strategy between Outlook Tasks and To Do. Is Microsoft eventually going to merge the two? The experience on mobile is especially frustrating. I understand that Outlook mobile is based on Acompli which didn’t come with task management. But why not just enhance Outlook mobile app with task management instead of acquiring Wunderlist and made it a totally separate To Do app? 

Occasional Contributor

Hi, anyone able to see the To-Do icon in the topbar already?

Frequent Contributor

I'm in the UK and I've not got it in outlook.com or outlook.office.com yet...

Occasional Contributor

I have a long ago created personal Outlook (Office 365) account in Russia and still can't see a To-Do icon in the upper bar (neither in email nor in calendar) to open a side pane. While one friend of mine has just created a similar account and has this feature immediately. What is the logic? :(Screenshot_1.jpgMy long ago created personal Outlook (Office 365) account in RussiaScreenshot_2.jpgSimilar newly created personal Outlook account of my friend sharing my Office 365 Home subscription

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I wish for To-Do's to sync with my calendar. Wunderlist let me do it just fine with a link. The native Windows 10 calendar has an icon for Microsoft To-Do but there is no option to have items with due dates appear on your calendar.

Frequent Contributor

Very exciting! I got the To-Do sidebar in Outlook Online in Office 365 I can drag emails into it.
I can't yet drag from the To-Do sidebar into my calendar yet though. Anyone else have the same?

Occasional Contributor

@Philemon Burney can you share a screenshot, and how did you enable the To-Do sidebar?

Frequent Contributor

@Martijn Steffenshere's a screenshot

Frequent Contributor
Occasional Contributor

@Philemon Burney thanks, i see that your running the "old" OWA look and feel, is it also available in the new Outlook?

Frequent Contributor

@Martijn Steffensit's "The new Outlook" the toggle switch is on as you can see in the screenshot?


I do not catch the idea how we should work - what is the Microsoft ToDo Team proposition? 

Option 1 in OWA - rather no. 

  • user is checking e-mail, using the new option with tasks and move e-mail to Archive. Good that link to moved e-mail is working !!!
  • user is checking list of tasks in OWA. But there is no notes, no steps. And finally no smart lists, no planned. If user has other tasks on list - no option to see what is inside. No possibility to open tasks in window context. Double-click not working, no option in menu to open ToDo.

Option 2 in ToDo - no too.

  • user is checking e-mail, using the new option with tasks and move e-mail to Archive.
  • user is going to todo app. But there is no link to email - how to open e-mail?

I just want to understand the full way of work for user you want to implement. 


And there is a bug. When you get aa email with inline picture, then opening the email from link will not show the picture at all. 


BTW: A lot thanks for building the api for that, that I could build my own Add-in to have linked e-mail in ToDo App and finally reached inbox 0.