Introducing Microsoft To-Do Preview

Microsoft To-Do is a new, intelligent task management app that makes it easy to plan and manage your day.

Coming from the team behind the Wunderlist app, Microsoft To-Do, currently in Preview, delivers a smarter, more personal and intuitive way to help people stay organized and get the most out of every day. Powered by Office 365 integration and an intelligent algorithm, it is the first step on our journey to simplify task management and help you to achieve more.



All your to-dos in one place

Microsoft To-Do helps you create a list for anything—for work, home projects or just your groceries. You can keep track of deadlines by adding reminders, due dates and notes, and personalize each list with colorful themes. You can access your lists from anywhere with the Microsoft To-Do apps for iPhone, Android phone, Windows 10 devices and the web.

Get Microsoft To-Do on all your devicesGet Microsoft To-Do on all your devices

 Plan your day with intelligent Suggestions

Managing your to-dos and lists can sometimes take as much effort as completing them. Microsoft To-Do helps you focus and plan your day from the moment you open the app. Every morning, your My Day list starts out with a clean slate, allowing you to be more intentional about what you want to get done.

You can also head to Suggestions to see what the most pressing priority is for the day. Just tap the lightbulb, and you’ll see any to-dos from the day before, what’s due or upcoming, and other helpful suggestions based on Microsoft To-Do’s smart algorithm. Just add the ones you want to get done to My Day.


Integration with Microsoft Office

Microsoft To-Do is built on Office 365, which will enable the product to be even more useful in more places. Our first integration with Outlook makes it easy to stay on top of your Outlook Tasks from anywhere. It will automatically sync your Tasks with Microsoft To-Do, and allow you to access and manage them across devices.

As the only task management app built on an enterprise cloud, Microsoft To-Do offers the advanced security that our Office 365 customers expect. Data is encrypted in transit and at rest, and Microsoft To-Do is served out of our hyper-scale, global network of data centers. For commercial users, IT professionals can now enable the Microsoft To-Do Preview through the Office 365 admin center. It is only available for specific O365 accounts at the moment, so look here to see if your account is supported. If your O365 account is not supported, you can still sign in with a personal account to try it out in the meantime.

Sync with Outlook TasksSync with Outlook TasksWhat’s next

We’ll continue to enhance the Microsoft To-Do experience, adding features such as list sharing, apps for Mac, iPad and Android tablet, as well as additional integrations with other Microsoft services. We look forward to making Microsoft To-Do even more useful, intuitive and personal.

Get Microsoft To-Do Preview for iPhone, Android, Windows and the web today.

We would love to hear your thoughts and ideas on what you think would make Microsoft To-Do even better. You can talk to us via our in-app contact form, on UserVoice, Twitter or on Facebook.



Why is this still not available to Office 365 users on the web? I don't understand how that's even possible. Someone had to go out of their way to make that happen. How weird.

Regular Visitor

I have been waiting for this! :-) Two features I would love to see in this app:

 - A possibility to a consolidated view of all my list like Google Keep.

- My assigned To-Do's in Microsoft Planner.

Senior Member

Hi Team,

We would really love it if we could keep re-using a list. As an example when we go camping I can tick off all the things to pack but I don't want to recreate the list - I would like to either untick the whole list or create a list template.


New Contributor

Glad to see this functionality being rolled out!


Question though -- this preview appears as a new, enabled license under an existing SKU, which I assume means there is no additional extra cost. Once it moves from preview status though, will it continue to be a license under the SKU, or will it become a service that gets moved to its own SKU with a cost for each person who wants to continue using it. I don't want to roll this out to users only to then have to pay for its ongoing use.


This scenario impacted us significantly when the Power BI "share" capability was removed from the free license and became a separate Power BI Pro SKU that required a monthly per user additional cost.


I agree @Steve Elliott. I've been using the preview and really like the direction it's taking but reluctant to have users start on it and then have to pay for some of initial functionality like Power BI

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Is there a way to move a Planner list to a To Do list.  I have been using planner as my own to do list.  Now that To Do is up and running it would make sense to use the proper tool to get the job done. 


 @Steven Myers have a look at this video about how the two tools interact and the moment and the roadmap for the future https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DKsyIj4vYwM

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No surprise, but I noticed my on-prem SP task lists connected to Outlook are not showing up in To-Do. Any chance this could change?

Occasional Visitor

How do I print a full to-do list with 33 tasks?

Occasional Visitor

MS Todo has so few features, I honestly do not see any value in it. I would've expected it to at least have feature parity with Wunderlist.