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Is there a way we can receive a list of all the great songs that were used between sessions?  I have some of them but a full list would be awesome and some great band I never heard of before!

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The @MSIgnite twitter handle posted the playlist on Spotify. Thanks for spotting it @Amy Dolzine!

This link should work: https://t.co/zrGjcO7p0d

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@Michael Kophs - any info you can share about the playlist.
@Amy Dolzine, you were interested in the Ignite playlist as well!
Hey Gary, honestly, I would have no idea where to even begin to track down this info. Sorry :(
That might be a good information popup as part of that ginormous screen in the venue.

Question 6: Have any photos to share? We want to see your selfies!


Final question is posted here!

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Diane Kennedy & Cariann Herb @WIT receptionDiane Kennedy & Cariann Herb @WIT reception

So much to take in, we barely took any pictures except slides! LOL

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Yammer fun with Loni French, Amy Dolzine, and Yammy!Yammer fun with Loni French, Amy Dolzine, and Yammy!

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Lines for Yammer swag

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So. Many. Photos. I haven't even looked at them all yet!


But highlight for me is that it is always incredible to see and chat with Julia White! Yup, total fangirl :)





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Tiffany Wallace and Jared ShockleyTiffany Wallace and Jared Shockley

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Question 3: Aside from the presentations, breakouts and Keynotes, what was your favorite part of Microsoft Ignite?


Question 4 is now live!

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Hang Out was awesome! Saved me a couple of times from having to walk to the other side of the center. Women in Tech reception was great, too. In general, I felt very welc... Read More

The welcome reception was great. Would in a way like this to be longer - there were some really good theater presentations.


The closing party was well done. Lots of fun s

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The Beam Robots were awesome. Great to see many friends from the US and around the world who couldn't physically attend join us virtually.
Hanging out in Hall C! Also loved the patio area. And one million drive by hugs of everyone to connect with folks I haven't seen for ages!

Question 7: Are you planning on attending next year? Pre-registration is open!


Any additional feedback you would like to share?

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Seriously doubt it, bum-mer!


An almost 3 year old + an almost 2 year old does not match up well to BIG cross ocean flights, not to mention the $$.


Was wondering how far o

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I'm a big theme parks fan, so Orlando is a better destination for me.


I must say though, I was very positively surprised about Atlanta and the downtown area, convention c

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I've preregistered, and plan to be there!  Thanks for putting on a great event!

We also recommend going to one of the Microsoft Tech Summits! It's a free two-day event happening in different locations around the world. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/techsummit

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Personally hope that I get to meet many of you in person in Orlando!  Cannot wait - you're all so awesome!  Adding Universal or Disney parks will be the cherry on top.

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I used one on Thursday. I hope next year these are better advertised and can be reserved in advance. I'd happily schedule a number of my coworkers to spend time at the co... Read More
We're not sure yet. But it seems like it was incredibly popular this year!

Question 4: Did you visit the Microsoft Tech Community Lounge? For next year, what would you like to see for this space?


Question 5 is posted!

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I think there was a lot of nice stuff there, but the proximity to the rest of C2 sort of didn't make this area it's own space, and thus seen as a destination. Maybe there... Read More
It sounded like there was a ton of walking at the venue. It might be nice to have a MS Express... battery operated transit from one end to the other of the conference ven... Read More
Freshly baked chocolate chip cookies!
Awesome MST Community team photo!

I hope you all got to meet our fabulous community team @Lana O'Brien, @Maddie Egan and @Michael Holste!



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Question 2: Who was your favorite speaker?


Question 3 is posted here!

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@Simon Terry was my favorite speaker (not just because he won on points for delivering so many high-quality sessions).


I also enjoyed the presentations I saw from Christi

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Satya brought it. I'm new to the MS world and I felt like he really gets it. Love his presentation style.

Jeff Teper All the way... He was and still is my role model in SharePoint world.

I also went to a couple of Naomi Moneypenny's talks, and they were great for energy but also for straight talking. Additionally I liked Brad Anderson's delivery for secur... Read More

Johan Ardwidmark and Mikael Nyström are always great together.

Snover and Don Jones were awesome too!

Question 5: Did you meet anyone new at Microsoft Ignite? What great connections were made?


Question 6 is posted!

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Very nice to make a personal connection with Darrell Webster and see his presentations in action. His presentations were outstanding. I enjoyed the presentations from @Cai Kjaer

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As someone who spends most of the time in Australia, I met so many amazing people who had been in my timelines and social conversation for years. The guru ratio was so hi

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Let's hope that by the next Microsoft Ignite most of those folks would be here in the Microsoft Tech Community and we'll be able to @mention all the cool people we met in

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Also helped make a connection or two between others! I had wandered over to the Yammer booth (as you do) and Steve hailed me with, "Tell this gentleman about Yammer analy

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@Prayer Solanky Remember how we met Natalie from Australia? How amazing was that!

It would be great to be able to pull the session up onto a laptop or at home on a PC and follow along with demos and such. There are times when it's very hard to see when you're in the room and the font sizes are very small.


Please note: I wasn't actually

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Hi @Joseph Booth we actually had a second screen experience planned for the phone so you could follow along while the presentation was going on but unfortunately we didn'

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Thank you for joining us!


It was great to chat about Microsoft Ignite and listen to your feedback. If you have additional feedback you would like to share, please post it in the community. Here is a sway summarizing the AMA!


We hope to see everyone n

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Thanks for hosting this AMA. It was fun and interesting! :-)

Hmm..  While I appreciate this event, I'm not sure that this could really be considered an "ask Microsoft Anything".


You guys did all the asking!

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For those who might not be able to attend... a VR experience would be very cool.

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Great Idea!  I could see adding VR for a select few venues like the MS Ignite Studio.  Thanks for the feedback.  We will certainly take this in to consideration as we pla

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This is a super interesting idea. Adding @Michael Kophs

I don't attend Ignite for the food, but I need to eat while I'm there. With budgets being as tight as they are, my company expects me to eat the included food at the conference.


How well do you feel Microsoft did on food quality and availability this year

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Question 1: What was your favorite session? What made it great?


Question 2 is posted here. 

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All the PowerApps and Flow sessions :)

Ooh, also I was in a focus group about Ignite, and that was super-fun with a great facilitator, plus I got to meet more people that way. 

Hands down for me it was Satya Nadella's innovation keynote, the FPGA announcements blew my mind. But I think that a lot folks didn't understand what they saw. Standing o... Read More

Hi all!  I liked "Discover new SP content Publishing experiences" BRK2040  Love the direction they're taking publishing - really good for the Information Worker, you don'

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Welcome to the first AMA on the Microsoft Tech Community! We'll spend this hour listening to feedback and talking about your week in Atlanta at Microsoft Ignite.  


We'll kick off each new question with a new thread in the Microsoft Ignite AMA group. Ple

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Hello everyone - I'm Daniel Glenn, Microsoft MVP and Collaboration Practice Lead for InfoWorks, Inc. based in Nashville, TN USA.
Hey all. I'm Tom located in Chicago, doing SharePoint admin at a university.

Hi. I'm Scott and I'm am IT Pro in higher ed. I wasn't at Ignite this year due to a last minute issue at home, the first I've missed I started going to TechEd in 2003. I

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Great to see you some people I met face to face here @Harjit Dhaliwal@Naomi Moneypenny and @Becky Benishek!

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When can we expect to see the Cloud Proxy Server, with SUP role included, RTM in the SCCM Current Branch release cycle?
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Hi Duncan, that's a little outside of the scope of this AMA. Keep an eye on roadmap.office.com and blogs.office.com for what's next and what's now!

Please tell us when will announced the Microsoft surface phone finally?We have no patience!!!

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Nothing to report @Thomas Kovatsis!

Announcing the Post Microsoft Ignite AMA (Ask Microsoft Anything)!


The live AMA will take place on Friday, October 7, from 10:00am to 11:00am PT. Add the event to you calendar here, or with the attached .ics calendar invite. 


Post Ignite AMA.png



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This will be great. Thanks for organizing the post AMA.

This will be great. Thanks for organizing the post AMA.

Announcing the Post Microsoft Ignite AMA (Ask Microsoft Anything)!


This AMA is the opportunity to chat with the Microsoft Tech Community team about your trip to Atlanta! 


The live AMA will take place on Friday, October 7, from 10:00am to 11:00am PT. A

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