During the week of January 7th – 11th the Microsoft Healthcare and Life Sciences team hosted a series of webcasts to help organizations facing a myriad of challenges from security threats, inefficiencies in communications/collaboration, and increased competition. Those webcasts were recorded and materials from the presentations made available on our blog site. To simplify the process of watching and grabbing the materials I am pulling them all together in to a single post here.

Please share the contents here with your colleagues and let us know what topics you would like to see for future sessions.

Thanks for visiting – Michael Gannotti 


Session 1, January 7:  Microsoft Teams Governance and Adoption in Healthcare & Life Sciences: 

  • Microsoft Teams is a part of a larger strategy for transforming your business and empowering your users. Healthcare & Life Sciences orgs not only have concerns around HIPAA, R&D PII, but also around governance and driving successful adoption. This session focuses on people change management, key business scenarios, setting success measures and how to drive awareness and skill across your user community.
  • Speaker: Karuana Gatimu (Principal Program Manager, Microsoft Teams)
  • Session 1 Slides: Click here to download.

Session 2, January 8: HLS Enterprise Data Governance and Management: 

  • Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) solutions are evolving. Get an overview of how you can protect your sensitive data through its lifecycle with MIP. Data is created and travels to more locations than ever before, which makes protecting your most important and sensitive data more challenging. We've made it easier to create and manage new information protection policies, easier for end-users to work with sensitivity labels in Office applications, and easier for the ecosystem to build their own information protection experiences into their own applications and services.
  • Speakers: Gagan Gulati (Principal Program Manager, Enterprise Data Management)
  • Session 2 Slides: Click here to download.

Session 3, January 9: Enterprise Data Visualization with Power BI:  

  • Come experience the newest capabilities available in Power BI and see what's coming next to help improve patient outcomes and ramp up R&D efforts. In this all-up Power BI session where we’ll show you Power BI’s vision for unifying modern and enterprise BI and expanding self-service BI for big data. Power BI enables you to build a data culture in your organization by empowering analysts and enabling agile enterprise BI.
  • Speakers: Amir Netz (Technical Fellow, CTO’s Office), and Justyna Lucznik (Senior Program Manager, Power BI), Christian Wade (Senior Program Manager, Power BI)
  • Power BI Security and Compliance Whitepaper
  • Row-level security (RLS) with Power BI

Session 4, January 10: Protecting High Risk Healthcare & Life Science Data with Identity and Conditional Access:  

  • Conditional Access is the new control set to avoid risky logins and unwanted users, processes and apps from accessing services and your data. Learn how conditional access is expanding beyond integration with front-door services for identity, authentication and authorization runtime experiences - so protection is pervasive.
  • Speaker: Tarek Dawoud (Principal PM Manager, Identity Expert)
  • Session 4 Slides: Click here to download.

Session 5, January 11: Guarding the HLS Gate with Microsoft Threat Intelligence:  

  • Learn how Office 365 threat protection services including Exchange Online Protection (EOP), Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), and Threat Intelligence protect, detect, respond, and help educated end users on threats across your entire Office 365 ecosystem. This session highlights the latest advances and differentiators of Office 365 threat protection services and provides a detailed roadmap of what is to come.
  • Speakers: Jason Rogers (Principal Program Manager, Information Protection), Debraj Ghosh (Senior Product Manager, Security)
  • Session 5 slides: Click here to download.

@Mike Gannotti Recently I received the following question from a person in our large healthcare organization (50,000+ employees) (https://www.adventhealth.com).   


"Our manager has started doing the department meetings in Teams. We were having trouble with the Meetings layout where the organizer (with video) went out of the main view. We were hoping to talk to someone on your team to see if they can help us where the organizer is always on the main screen. Thanks!"


Can you provide a suggestion solution? Or does this request need to go to the Microsoft Teams user voice?


Thank you.


Hi @Eric Davis, based on what you said it sounds what you are looking for is pinning the speaker whereas based on sound/active speaker Teams rotates the tiles to emphasize the latest. I have alerted your SSP and TSP that you are asking about it. If this is not the feature you are asking about let me know. Typically in a meeting though attendees are muted unless they are actively speaking (recently having attendees join muted by default just started rolling out to tenants. There are new features around attendee/speaker coming as well shortly and your account team I am alerting can help you with those and getting ready to leverage.


Thank you Mike for those details.  I will be looking forward to the new features you are referring to.