As I meet with customers looking to roll out various services for Office 365 as well as for other systems internally the need for training and preparedness has come up time and time again. Organizations in Healthcare and Life Sciences want to be able to leverage canned training as a basis as well as custom training for their organization.

In this HLS Show Me How I walk through the provisioning of a Custom Learning site in SharePoint Online as well as how to customize what canned content can be made available. I also briefly discuss how the site can be readily extended to accommodate custom content for an organization. Not only can this custom content be Office 365 focused but the solution can be used as a basis for all such training across other Microsoft and non-Microsoft services and software.

All Videos in this Series:

  1. HLS Show Me How - Provision a Custom Learning Site in SharePoint Online
  2. HLS Show Me How - End User Experience of Custom Learning for Office 365
  3. HLS Show Me How - Extending and Customizing the Custom Learning for Office 365 Solution


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Just as an FYI - I was having a hard time getting this to work, because I didn't have a GitHub account associated with my tenant administrator account.  Once I created the GitHub account and tried again - it worked.


@Carol DeMuth glad to hear you got it working. I didnt have an admin account associated with GitHub either but still worked. Maybe just a glitch in sys itself when pulling first time? Whatever the case glad to hear you it working and hope you enjoy working with the solution. 

Thanks for putting this together @Mike Gannotti 


@Asif Rehmani My pleasure :-)