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I've been testing PowerApps via the trial and noticed that when I share an app with another user on the same online tenant they have to login to the PowerApps website and also use the trial.


I understand that O365 administrators can't control whether an i

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The PowerApps team is committed to building the service with compliance by the end of CY 2017. It is technically possible to access and use PowerApps (and Flow) with Offi... Read More
Yes! Any sense of when Flow/Power Apps will be released to the G-tenants?

Why does it take so long for Governement to get new features?

For example Sway was announced in Oct 2014, and Planner in Dec 2015 and neither is in my tenant.

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Another note for first release. I completely understand the reasoning for Microsoft not to release new products to G customers for compliance and other reasons. However, ... Read More

Thanks for the "kudos".  I can speak for the SharePoint & OneDrive team to help add some clarity, FWIW:


  • Quite often, features released to First Release are NOT release
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Can you go into more detail on how First Release impacts this? We are not on First Release right now, but depending on certain features we are looking at (such as Planner... Read More
But, we also take this as good feedback: Microsoft needs to be consistent and set appropriate expectations so that you know when the new services will be available to you... Read More
Dux is exactly right. The US Government offerings are predicated on compliance commitments - FedRAMP Moderate, CJIS, IRS 1075, US data residency, and US citizen screened ... Read More

Is the o365 Ribbon not available on Gov Cloud? I think I should be seeing 



But I am getting this




very frustrating. When I called support the support guy seemed to be surprised I didnt have it.

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Were you able to get this resolved? I can't imagine Office 365 being usable in such a state.

Our reseller "assumed" we wanted government (GCC) licensing when we first bought Office 365, and we didn't know better. Now we see all the restrictions and limitations that go along with the Gov classification, none of which we need for compliance (we're

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As of 6 months ago, there still wasn't an option for a Commercial to Government licensing transition (we don't want it anymore though), and I would expect there would be

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Is there a dedicated SharePoint group that can answer questions for G3 subscriptions.  Example:  Microsoft does not appear to offer the option of buying additional SharePoint storage on the G3.  Are there options for us?

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Thanks to everyone who participated from Metalogix MVPs to AvePoint MVPs and the whole Microsoft Tech Commmunity!


I just want to leave you with one final resource from the Microsoft compliance team:


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Thank you for joining us during this hour!


Here is a Sway summary of what was discussed during the AMA. We hope you will continue to ask your questions and continue the conversation in the Public Sector Group on the Microsoft Tech Community. 


See yo

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Thanks to all who joined!

Just wanted to give a special shout out to all the women in technology! Today, we commemorate you and your contributions to tech innovation. The other three hundred sixty four days, we still appreciate you.

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I have what I am hoping is a quick question. When a client saves a SfB broadcast where is that data stored? I have a government client that needs to make sure that the data is stored in country before they start using the service. The customers tenancy is

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Great question Matthew! As far as I know, S4B recoridng/data is stored in the local Azure data center

Can any user engage FastTrack or do we have to work with our main licenses managers to coordinate a FastTrack project?

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This is a really great question. Microsoft as a whole is aware that the government works in ways different than commercial. For example one Agency might have many departm... Read More

Hi, Jason! All the resources can be found at http://fasttrack.microsoft.com - to engage FastTrack Engineer, any user can invoke the request by signing in to the Fast Trac

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Best Response confirmed by Anna Chu (Community Manager)

With the first update to section 508 in many years, organizations are now more focused on accessibility than ever before. This is great! But, it also means that we need to consider making Office available and usable for people of all abilities.


Can anyo

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It all started a long long time ago in an Office product line changing to an XML base in 2007. With the ribbon and this underlining code change Office could support 508 t... Read More

Yes, the refresh is an exciting step forward. Office 365 can help federal agencies achieve compliance with these new requirements in two main ways: 1. We have several cap

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We are very excited to kick of this hour of live Q&A on everything Office 365 and US Government!


Please submit your questions as a new thread in the Gov AMA group so we can easily identify and answer them. You can identify official Microsoft responder

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Bring on those questions!

Welcome everyone -Mike here from the Tech Community team! 

Hello! I'm here with the AvePoint team and Tech Community friends and looking forward to questions, feedback, and suggestions from all of you. I'm the product marketing m... Read More

Hi Everyone, Happy to be here and answer and questions related to Office 365 Accessibility.

Hi Everyone, We had a great time at #MSTechSummit with lots of Public Sector questions. Can't wait for additional ones here.

We are excited to announce an Office 365 US Government ‘Ask Microsoft Anything’ (AMA) to coincide with the Microsoft Tech Summit Washington DC!


Please join us on Wednesday, March 8, 2017 from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. PST / 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. GMT in the Government AMA group

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How do we join? Will a link be posted?
Looking forward to this event next week!