It's been 3 years since we began helping customers move to the cloud with Microsoft FastTrack, our customer success service. To date, we've onboarded over 40,000 customers worldwide, migrated over 6.3PB of data, allowing customers that use FastTrack to achieve 3.5x more usage at a lower cost than without FastTrack.


"Transitioning from one cloud platform to another felt like a daunting project. Microsoft FastTrack provided proactive planning throughout this transition." Gary Cantrell, CIO, Jabil


Today, we're announcing FastTrack for Microsoft 365. FastTrack for Microsoft 365 offers deployment and adoption self-serve resources, tools, guidance and engineering assistance for all things Microsoft 365 - collaboration, voice, devices, and security across Windows 10, Office 365, and EMS.


By tapping into the expertise of Microsoft engineers you can confidently migrate email, content, and light up Microsoft 365 services; deploy and securely manage devices; enable your business and drive end-user adoption. FastTrack will also work with you partner or help find one for additional services, ensuring a single plan to help you move to the cloud with confidence.


Accelerating your onboarding to Microsoft 365


Devices | Deployment guidance and app compatibility tools


Microsoft 365 powered device is the best way to experience Microsoft 365 and includes Windows 10, Office 365 ProPlus, and EMS. With this move to FastTrack for Microsoft 365, we are bringing together our deployment guidance into one place as well as new tools to help you deploy and manage a Microsoft 365 powered device (coming in October):

  • Windows Analytics Update Compliance and Device Health Tool to provide proactive insights to help detect and remediate end-user impacting issues.
  • Office 365 ProPlus App Compatibility tools to analyze VBA and add-ins compatibility prior an upgrade.
  • Office Customization Tool to configure click to run with config XML files generated using a visual interface.


Collaboration | SharePoint migration tool


Based on customer feedback from the 6.3PB of data that we've migrated, we are releasing a new SharePoint migration tool to help you migrate content from on-premises file shares and SharePoint 2013 to SharePoint or OneDrive in Office 365.


Watch the SharePoint Migration Tool in action in this video and get started here.


Voice | Skype operations guidance in FastTrack


As part of creating FastTrack for Microsoft 365, we're also integrated Skype operations guidance -previously Skype Operations Framework (SOF) - into FastTrack. This provides effective self-service resources for customers and partners to roll out and operate cloud voice capabilities.


We're also adding new capabilities including My Advisor for Cloud Voice, allowing you to access targeted and personalized guidance - including new operational capabilities and tools such as the Network Planner for Skype for Business and Teams.


MyAdvisor.pngMy Advisor gives you access to guidance and tools such as the Network Planner for Skype for Business and TeamsSecurity | More deployment resources for Microsoft 365 security scenarios


FastTrack for Microsoft 365 is evolving to better support you with security too. FastTrack can help you scope and plan for your deployment across Office 365, Windows 10, and EMS, based on your security needs. We will help you enable core Office 365 and EMS capabilities - including Azure Active Directory or Microsoft Intune - and refer you to qualified partners for Windows 10 deployments, additional services and for more complex deployments.


Visit FastTrack to learn more, and to access risk assessment and security scoring tools to evaluate the actions needed specific to your organization.


Admin help | New IT Roadmap and Setup Guides to help plan and accelerate onboarding


To help you plan your journey to Microsoft 365, you can now use the IT Roadmap planning tool. This new tool will help you prioritize the Microsoft 365 services your organization will want to deploy and build a long-term IT implementation plan for the breadth of Microsoft 365 services to deploy, configure and manage that you can use with your FastTrack onboarding team.


ITRoadmap.pngThe new IT Roadmap Planning Tool will help you plan and prioritize for Microsoft 365 features with FastTrack

Based on the thousands of customer engagements with FastTrack, we've created over 40 Setup Guides within the Office 365 admin console. The FastTrack team uses these guides every day with customers and we've now made them available to you directly to accelerate your onboarding and adoption of Microsoft 365, as well as allow you to work at your own pace. The Setup Guides provide you with self-guided support and automated tasks with context-aware step by step guidance on features and configuration options.


Cyrielle3.pngThe setup guides provide step by step and contextual guidance to onboard, in this example to Microsoft Teams and StaffHubMore FastTrack resources to help you drive end user adoption


User Training | New scenarios, web and in-product training for end users


One of the keys to any successful rollout is to make sure people are learning and using the new tools in the right way.


Therefore today, we are adding new scenarios to the Microsoft 365 Productivity Library, designed to help users discover how Microsoft 365 can help them solve business challenges in their everyday work life. It includes simple ways to get going fast and rich video and 'how to' materials.


We're also adding over 130 new content experiences to our Office Training Center, including video training, quick start guides, templates and cheat sheets.


EndUserResources.pngThe Microsoft 365 Productivity Library and the Office 365 Training Center help users discover and learn how to work in new waysFinally, we are taking the same training concepts and including tips for learning new skills directly from within the Office apps: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. The Help feature can introduce users to advice on how to achieve certain tasks quicker, or suggestions on new ways of working to save time.


In Product Training.pngIn product help is available from the popular Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook appsUsage Reporting | Improved usage reports in the admin console including Microsoft Teams


We continue to update the usage reports provided through the Office 365 admin console, giving you a complete picture of how your organization is using Office 365. Specifically, Microsoft Teams now offers two new usage reports. Microsoft Teams user activity report can help you understand the most common activities performed in Teams.


Based on customer feedback, we're also improving the usage reports experience by adding a new Reports Reader role to the Admin console and releasing Microsoft Graph reporting APIs to GA this week.


Usage Reports.pngGet started now!


Follow FastTrack on the Microsoft Mechanics YouTube channel, and if you are ready to engage with FastTrack, sign in at fasttrack.microsoft.com to create your personalized success plan and request FastTrack assistance. We look forward to helping you transition to Microsoft 365.