Ignite 2017 was busy and fun! We loved talking to many of you, answering many of your questions and listening to your feedback. Many teams are still collecting their thoughts into action items and following up with many of you. We also walked. A lot. You know what we mean if you were there! Most of the sessions are now online. As we usually do, we picked some of the sessions that are closely related to subjects we often talk about and provided the list below. There are many more sessions available than the following list: Keynotes:

Core Exchange / Exchange Online: Hybrid: Groups: Protection: Outlook: See you next year! We have already announced that Ignite 2018 is going to be back in Orlando! Pre-registration is available! The Exchange Team

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Which one contains E2019 announce?
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A couple of years back there was a powershell script, or some other automated method of downloading the Ignite sessions. Has anyone put up something like that? or an ancient FTP server so we less privileged users can view the sessions?


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Sure, take a look at this sweet PowerShell script made by Michel de Rooij, https://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/Ignite-2016-Slidedeck-and-296df316. It is simply -the- best script available to download all Ignite content (both slide decks and videos). Enjoy!
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Great work in putting all together.

Below one doesn't have a video or any working links in it.

Core Exchange / Exchange Online:

Tackling cross-tenant Office 365 integration and migrations: Three things you need to know


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If you want to grow your familiarity only keep visiting this site

and be updated with the latest information posted here.

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How we mock ExchangeService class for unit testing?
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This Exchange Service Class is Sealed class