Enterprise Mobility + Security at RSA 2017: Securing Digital Transformation

First published on CloudBlogs on Feb 10, 2017
Our customers are transforming their businesses. As they do this, they are choosing Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) to protect critical information and to secure the work of their employees. Just over a month ago we announced new capabilities that expand security, device and app management, and information protection with EMS. To give our more than 41,000 customers every advantage, we’re also working with other innovators in the security ecosystem to deliver integrated value. For example, this week, we are announcing new work with SailPoint to further our identity-driven security strategy. Securing digital transformation requires a broader security solution that can address new risks, and new scenarios for data loss and malicious attacks—within and outside your organization. You need security solutions to be both more intelligent and more connected in the face of increasingly sophisticated and widespread attacks. Yesterday’s approach of point solutions with limited integration will not work in today’s complex environment of PCs, mobile devices, and applications delivered from both on-premises and the cloud. A holistic approach can help you detect threats earlier and respond faster with informed security analytics. Our security solution is anchored by a common identity and leverages machine learning performed on massive data sets, all as part of the Intelligent Security Graph . In EMS, this identity-driven approach provides protection across four layers: user identity, devices, applications, and data. This approach is already helping our customers stay more protected at scale. With over 1.3 billion authentications per day in Azure Active Directory, we are in the unique position to detect risk—in real time . This means we protect more than 100,000 users at risk, using conditional access, and shield more than 10,000 users a day from brute force attacks with password lockout. In the consumer space, we actively safeguard more than 1 million users each day by challenging at-risk logins with multi-factor authentication. We also protect more than 1 million users by blocking logins from compromised list-cleaning services and we’re helping our customers protect 18 million users from advanced attacks with Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics —all in a day’s work. Microsoft is committed to continued innovation in protecting your people and the critical information they work with. We’ve delivered new technology over the past few months including: The EMS partner ecosystem is an important part of this commitment to innovating in security. Through our new collaboration with SailPoint , a leader in identity governance, our customers will be able to integrate the SailPoint solution with Azure Active Directory Premium to unify the governance of systems across on-premises and the cloud, on top of Azure Active Directory’s unique access management and identity protection services. The combination of services will cover the compliance, enhanced security, and identity management needs of modern organizations in demanding industries such as healthcare and financial services. Device protection is another key part of our security solution. Through our new partnership with Skycure , a leader in mobile device threat intelligence, we will expand risk-based conditional access capabilities with EMS to give you an additional layer of protection. Skycure threat intelligence across four groups of mobile threats—physical, malware, network, and vulnerabilities—can be used as a device compliance factor to trigger conditional access policies that EMS customers define in Intune. Currently in preview with select customers, Skycure integration with EMS will be generally available later this year. The Skycure integration is in addition to the work we’ve already done to integrate Lookout’s mobile threat protection with EMS.

Microsoft EMS at RSA 2017

For those of you attending RSA next week in San Francisco , we would appreciate the opportunity to connect with you at the show. You can:
  • See the keynote by Brad Smith, President and Chief Legal Officer at 8:35AM PST. You can stream it live if you’re not at RSA.
  • Attend our sessions:
    • A Vision for Shared, Central Intelligence to Ebb a Growing Flood of Alerts: SP03-T09
    • How to Go from Responding to Hunting with Sysinternals Sysmon: HTA-T09
    • Critical Hygiene for Preventing Major Breaches: CXO-F02
    • Advances in Cloud-Scale Machine Learning for Cyber-Defense: EXP-T11
    • Learnings from the Cloud: What to Watch When Watching for Breach: STR-W11
  • Visit Booth 3501 in the North Expo Hall for an in-depth experience that demonstrates identity-driven security, device and application security, information protection and infrastructure security. Ask questions, get answers, and maybe win some prizes. We’ll see you there!