A new destination for EMS scenario based content

First published on CloudBlogs on Dec 02, 2016
This post is authored by Jeff Gilbert , Senior Content Developer, EMS The way people use technology has changed. Information workers are connected all the time and work is no longer a place to go, it is simply something that we do…anywhere, anytime. IT’s role, YOUR role, is pivotal to helping your organization through this digital transformation to embrace modern management with the capabilities provided by Microsoft cloud services. We heard from a lot of our customers that they need help beyond the traditional product documentation, they need help with the vision, planning and impact of these changes in the workflow. IT needs help driving efficiency to do more with less while meeting the demanding needs of users who want to work from anywhere on any device. To assist you through this change management, we added scenario-based guidance to the Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) documentation at docs.microsoft.com . IT needs help driving efficiency to do more with less while meeting the demanding needs of users who want to work from anywhere on any device. In addition to providing an overview of what is included with EMS and how to get it, example scenarios are provided to help you understand how to use EMS services to deliver secure, borderless productivity that people love. These scenarios will help you digitally transform your organization starting with extending on-premises user identities to Azure AD, empower your users through self-service capabilities that take the load off the help desk, begin actively managing mobile devices and apps, and start protecting corporate data—both on-premises and in the cloud. As you become more familiar with EMS and the capabilities the services provide, you can leverage more complex scenarios to not only protect your shared organizational data, but also identify security breaches before they have a chance to cause damage. Lastly, when using EMS and the Microsoft cloud has become business-as-usual, there is help to enable you to provide long-term, end-to-end identity and data protection for your business. In short, these example scenarios will help you get started with EMS as you transition from on-premises to the cloud , leverage cloud security and protection , and ultimately provide full service IT from the cloud . With EMS, you get secure management and protection across four key areas: users, devices, apps, and data. These technical scenarios show you how by breaking down EMS services and capabilities into four areas: identity and access management , identity driven security , information protection , and managed mobile productivity . The list of EMS technical scenarios published to docs.microsoft.com will grow over the coming months so check back often to see what’s new and leave comments on the existing documentation to let us know how we’re doing and what scenarios you’d like to see us publish next. Additional resources: