Hey Math teachers, here is how Microsoft Forms can help you create quizzes for easier assessments!


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Create a Math type question


  1. In your web browser, navigate to http://forms.microsoft.com, sign in with your O365 Education account and click New quiz to begin creating your quiz.

  2. Click Add question to add a new question to your quiz, and pick Choice or Text type.
  3. To display math equations, click the ellipses button (...) and then click Math.

  4. Click in Enter an equation text box and a virtual math keyboard will be displayed for you to input your equation.





 Choose the correct answer


If you picked a Choice question, some equations will trigger a correct answer suggestion after typing in your equation. Click on the suggested option to add it as a choice.





We hope you enjoy using Microsoft Forms, and if you have any questions or feedback, we would love to hear from you at https://microsoftforms.uservoice.com.



Occasional Visitor

Hello Mina,

When you use the math editor, is this mathml/html code?  I'm asking regarding if the math quiz is accessible for a screen reader user. 

Thank you-

Alice Wershing


Hi @Alice Wershing,


Currently the screen readers read Math equations in Forms in LaTeX format. The user can navigate the virtual math keyboard using (the physical) keyboard and each individual field/symbol is read by the screen reader. 


Feel free to try it out yourself - if you see ways for us to improve this experience, please submit feedback at https://microsoftforms.uservoice.com/ .




Occasional Visitor
When I click on the (...), I don't get the math equation option. I only see "Subtitle", "Shuffle Options" and "Drop-Down". I can't find anyplace where I could change options to show more.

Hey @Jamie Nordstrom, make sure you are doing this within a Quiz, not a Form - when you go to forms.office.com , click on the New Quiz button. 


Occasional Visitor

Is there any way for students to access math equations when responding to short answer questions? 


@dhward Yes, this update will be rolling out later this month!

Occasional Visitor

Hi !
Wonderful ! I hope we will receive good news pretty soon.:smileywink: