Hello Champions - Easily return to this page using https://aka.ms/O365ChampionResources to download monthly resources.  


Community Call Schedule


To sign up for our monthly calls visit https://aka.ms/O365Champions and join our program.   


Our Office 365 Champion Community calls are set for the following dates.  We always meet on the third Wednesday of each month.  We will update this list as we schedule more throughout the year:


March 20, 2019

April 17, 2019

May 15, 2019

June 19, 2019


You can always join our monthly calls at 8am and 5pm Pacific time via these links:




New!  O365 Champions Team Calendar


You can subscribe to our calendar of monthly events and Microsoft conferences by opening this Internet calendar in your Outlook client (Desktop or Web).  View this quick video to see instructions for calendar subscription function in Outlook.  


O365 Champions Team Calendar (ics):  



Monthly Meeting Content


Below you will find the links to each month's community call resources which are posted here after each call.  


April 2019 Community call presentation

April 2019 Community call recording


March 2019 Community call presentation

March 2019 Community call recording


February 2019 Community call presentation

February 2019 Community call recording


January 2019 Community call presentation

January 2019 Community call recording


December 2018 Community call presentation

December 2018 Community call recording


November 2018 Community call presentation


October 2018 Community call presentation



Senior Member

Thanks for the share, but for the 3 Recordings I am getting this error message:

"The resource you are looking for has been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable."

Frequent Contributor

Ditto to @Alexander Trumble 's comment - the videos aren't published? @Karuana Gatimu 



Senior Member

Links to presentations still aren't working


Hello All - I have updated the post with the March resources and resolved the issue with the recording links. Thank you and see you in April!

Frequent Contributor

The Custom Learning Portal looks great! Going to provision one today to play around with it.

Occasional Contributor

I missed the last Champions call, but just caught up on the video. The custom learning solution looks amazing, but one item I didn't see covered: you mentioned that the provisioning engine was open source, but is the Custom Learning solution itself also going to be open source/free to use, or is there a cost associated with it (above the basic 365 costs?)

Occasional Contributor

The video links are working for me now; thanks for getting those updated. Also, the team calendar is a very welcome addition. Thanks for adding that!

New Contributor

Thank you for adding the Call Calendar!!  Very nice to have.   Going to provision the Custom Learning portal today to try it out. I'm really excited about this.