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I added our entries to a copy of the template and uploaded it. Calculating results in the error: “Input string was not in a correct format. Click here for help.” Not much help about the format there.



Bill Zack


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Sorry. This is about the TCO Calculator

Hi everyone. I'm still new to Azure and had one of our clients pose a question whether they can migrate a Windows Server 2012 running on the Google Platform into Azure?


I do know that Server 2012 can be imported into Azure, however not really sure about w

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Hi Tebza,


If you know this then Google Platform does not have facility to Export the Windows Server Image 





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I recently sysnced our on premisys ad with azure ad and tied our aad into Visual Studio Team Services.

when I try to log into VSTS with my synced account I am not prompted to choose work/personal and I receive the message "We do not recognize the username

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Hi Michael,


When creating the VSTS did you grant your aad users access to logon to your VSTS ?

Good morning,

I am trying to extend AD to Azure.  I did this, starting in Azure, by creating a Virtual Network, a  class 16 subnet (, a virtual Gateway, a local Gateway, an Azure Public IP Address, a connection, and a VM with a NIC in the Azure

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Hi Kurt,


can you please check if you able to Telnet 53 port and 137 Port? 



Sunit Patil

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Can i attached extra drive to Azure VM as C: Drive. e.g. I have a A2 v2 VM its drive size is 20GB i want to attach extra disk 64GB as a C: Drive.

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Hi, im looking for a good guide o be able to upload a VM to Azure Resource Manager and make a hybrid Infrastructure with a VPN. All i find on intenet is how to make this with the classic version of azure.


Thanks in advance.

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This documentation should help you achieve your goals if you dont wish to use the recovery services feature.



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What version of Hyper-v do you have? If this is 2012 and later, you can migrate your VM´s with Azure Site REcovery, in Azure with azure resource Manager, its very easy th

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Hello everybody,


our company is currently creating a proof of concept, where we are just stumbling about a question that is currently unclear.


Here is the scenario:

1. We have an administrator who sets up a Teamproject in Azure (VSTS).
2. He adds various ad

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you can intergrate your VSTS with you Azure AD.

You will be glad you did, but you will have an issue with licenses currently activated on live accounts

Are we talking the online version.


Regardless you should use assign permissions to Groups defined in your directory.


kind regards

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Best Response

I have multiple business critical excel spreadsheets with embedded links/references to extrenal spreadsheets currently sitting on a fileshare.  Can I modify the naming of drives and directories on an Azure server so that those links will still function?

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Community - I'd like your opinion on this:


Migrating a whole Application (front+back end) from AWS to Azure and between Azure subscribtions, is it easer to move it as VMs or Containers?

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It’s a very broad question but will try to answer it in short, Both approaches are possible - if the source application is running in a VM (either Windows or Linux (limit

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Welcome to the new Azure Migration IT Forum. Here we will discuss, disclosure and talk about all things migration. Migrating to Azure is not simply lifting and shifting your existing VM’s (although you can easily do this if you want), there are many tools

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Great to hear that !!! Thanks for your annoucement.

If you have any questions, or finding issues in using the Cloud Migration Assessment and Azure TCO tool for discovery or analysis, this community forum will provide you with the aid you need. You can easily search previous posts to see if the question you

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