FYI - Log Search editor is becoming multi-line

Noa Kuperberg

With the new query language available in Log Search, we notice user queries develop and no longer fit into just one line. To accommodate longer queries we decided to make log search a multi-line editing area:

resize.pngso a few things have changed:

  • Run - to run the query, click the Search icon or use the keyboard shortcut Shift+Enter. Enter no longer runs the query, as it's now a valid character you can use as part of a query, to add lines and make it more readable.
  • Resize - the editing area start off with 5 lines. You can drag the bottom border to adjust the text area size to your needs.
  • Intellisense - as you type, Intellisense suggestions appear beneath the editing area. To reach the suggestions area, click Tab. If the cursor is on the last row of your query, the ↓ key will also take you there. Once you've found the best suggestion, click Enter to accept it and continue editing.



Note - If you're also using the Advanced Analytics portal, you might be used to separate queries by adding new lines or marking only parts of the text to be run. Log search does not support that behavior - here your entire text is considered a single query, that is always run in its entirety.


We hope you'll find it as cool as we do. Let us know what you think and how we can further improve your experience.


- Noa Kuperberg

6 Replies

These improvements are great! 

Should Intellisense work in Azure Portal as well? It does not work there for me.

Hey Stanislav, it should work as shown on the post, it's not identical to how it works on the Advanced portal though.

What exactly does not work? on a specific browser or across?

Hi Noa, Seems it is minor issue. So far I've found that intellisense (in Azure Portal) does not work at all on latest Firefox. Strangely it works if it is in the OMS Portal. On Opera the search does not load at all in Azure Portal. It just stays in some state that is still loading. These are minor issues as I can use other browsers but in case you at supporting certain browsers might be helpful for the team,

Hey Stanislav,

We were not able to reproduce the issues. If you can send the exact versions of the browsers, we can check if it's related.

Currently using Firefox 58 beta 4 but should be able to reproduce it on Firefox 57 stable as I was using it several days ago and the behavior is the same. For Opera I am using 49.0 which is stable version. For Opera I am stuck at loading the Classic OMS portal as well even after cleaned cookies.
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