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We have heard from you, our customers, that you'd like us to provide more guidance and recommendations to help you successfully deploy Azure Active Directory (AD). So today, I'm excited to share a new set of step-by-step deployment plans based on the best practices we've learned from working with thousands of customers to successfully roll-out Azure AD.

Deployment plans guide you through the business value, planning considerations, implementation steps, and management of Azure AD solutions. They bring together everything you need to deploy Azure AD capabilities to get the maximum value. Deployment plans include Microsoft recommended best practices, user communications, planning guides, implementation steps, test cases, and more! 

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The following deployment plans are available starting today:

Our customers are already starting to have success with these deployment plans. Here’s what one customer had to say:

“As part of our ongoing digital transformation, we moved our Office 365 authentication from federated authentication (AD FS) to cloud authentication. The migration required some design work, but through our relationship with Microsoft and the use of their authentication deployment plan, we were able to migrate seamlessly with minimal disruption to our users. Since we have moved to cloud authentication the volume of support tickets and service downtime has decreased significantly and we are better positioned for our journey to the cloud.”

—Eric Grabowski, senior security architect, Liberty Mutual


Getting Started

To get started, check out our video demonstrating our SSO deployment plan to get a taste of how to use this in your organization.


Once you're ready to get started, you can access all current and future deployment plans at 

Aka.ms/DeploymentPlans. From there, you can download the deployment plan specific to what you're trying to accomplish and customize it to meet your organization’s needs.

We will update the deployment plans based on your feedback and as our platform evolves. Please send us feedback and suggestions.You can also send us your questions at DeploymentPlan@microsoft.com.

We always love hearing from you!


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Microsoft Identity Division






Just finish the SDK/library for developers (after few years of waiting) with full features and apps and production/stabile version (example https://github.com/AzureAD/microsoft-authentication-library-for-js)


Then leave rest (adoption and consumption) to a partners..

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When it the MyApps page going to be improved? The current functionality on that page is very limited. I saw a demo of some new ideas for improving it many months ago, but nothing has changed since then.

Hi Hrovoje -


Thanks for your suggestion!


You'll see us put a ton of effort into upgrading/finalizing our developer docs now that we are in the final push to get MSAL and our new combined authentication stack to GA in the next 6 months.  




Hi Dean - 


The team has a bunch of improvements to MyApps under development right now.

Hopefully we'll have a public preview live before the end of this calendar year.


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