Storage Migration Service - Backup and Restore SMS Database

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In the process of migrating from Windows Server 2012 R2 to Windows 2019. SMS is process was working and we've transferred about 20TB of data. A Windows Update was applied and its broken something on the SMS Orchestrator / Proxy.


We now want to have the SMS Orchestrator / Proxy server re-installed, but want to maintain the existing transfer status. In testing; re-installing the Orchestrator / Proxy server erases all progress in a file server migration. I want to avoid starting the migration from scratch again, its a lot of data and files to re-copy.


I've tried in a test environment to copy the database files in  (C:\ProgramData\Windows\StorageMigrationService) from the original SMS implementation to a new SMS implementation, but it seems like it results in a certificate error, does anyone know how to deal with this?


Screenshot 2023-05-11 170440.png

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