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Hello all, 


After over two years of working with the Microsoft Tech Community team, I am sad to say that my time managing the community has come to an end. We've been through a lot of exciting community changes, product updates and fun events both online and in-person. 


What's next for me? I am packing up my things and moving to SE Asia to pursue a little sunshine and relaxation. For the first few months I will be travel through Japan, South Korea, and China before landing in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam where I plan to soak up to sights, sounds, and smells for the foreseeable future. 


To celebrate the end of this chapter, here's a countdown of a few fun moments we've been through together.


109 - The number of Weekly Roundup's I've published on the Office 365 Network and the Microsoft Tech Community. I've loved putting together the roundup each week as it gave me the excuse to read through all the great conversations here. It also allowed to to pick a Member of the Week each week that exemplified the spirit of the community. We truly couldn't have created this community without the amazing members here. Don't worry, the Weekly Roundup is is good hands with @Eric Starker taking the lead. 


64 - The number of AMAs & YamJams that I've hosted. By far one of my most favorite things in the community are the 'Ask Microsoft Anything' events (and not just because I always pick-up coffee & donuts for the team). AMAs, or if you love Yammer- YamJams, are truly one of the best ways we've been able to let our customers peek behind the scenes and and get to know the members of the teams creating the products. My favorite one? A close call, but perhaps the 'How to YamJam, YamJam'; so meta!


18 - Microsoft Tech Summits around the word. I attended 5 Tech Summits (Toronto, Mexico City, Chicago, Washington DC, and Copenhagen) and WOW! What an experience. While traveling is great (obviously I've got the bug), the best part is being able to evangelize the community in person. It's incredibly fulfilling when after a 30 second elevator pitch, someone sees the value of the community, signs up on the spot, and continues to interact in the community weeks later. 


6 - The number of members on our rockstar community team. I couldn't be more lucky to work with such an amazing group of people. A big shout-out and thank you to @Michael Holste who hired me and has taught me so much during my time here.


I may be leaving, but there's no stopping this team. With @Jeff Medford@Anna Chu, and @Daniel Martins leading the Office 365 and C+E strategy, and @Maddie Egan@Eric Starker and @Mackenzie Lyng in the Microsoft Tech Community and BAPI communities on the ground, this place has the people-power in full force. 


2 - Microsoft Ignite's under my belt. From the photobooth, to the Community Spotlight talks, MVP dinners, community meet-ups, surviving on no sleep, and losing my voice, Microsoft Ignite is always an experience. Watch out for Microsoft Ignite in Orlando, I know the team has some fun ideas planned for community. 


1 - One Microsoft Tech Community. From my first day on the job, it was clear that our customers were looking for something more from community. It's always been our goal to provide something that was inviting, friendly, and most of all, useful. To achieve this we needed to bring Community from across the Microsoft ecosystem together into one place. I'm incredibly proud of the work we've done to realize that goal and I'm excited by thriving place that the Microsoft Tech Community has become. 


I've truly enjoyed getting to know all of you. Thank you for the experience! If you would like to keep in touch or follow along with my adventures you can find me on Twitter at @lanaobrien


Until next time, 


-Lana O'Brien





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We'll miss you @Lana O'Brien! Thank you so much for your hard work and great attitude these past few years. You were integral to the growth of this community and have been a pleasure to work with. 


Stay in touch and keep the Tech Community updated on your travels! 



Have a good time, @Lana O'Brien!

We have done a long journey together, first on the Office 365 Network and now on the Microsoft Tech Community. 

We'll certainly miss you...

Good luck!

Lana, you were the first person I communicate when joined this community (back to Yammer time). You know, first impression is quite important, it was very positive and you were keeping that good atmosphere here all the time.


Thank you and Good luck!

Thank you Lana for all the engagement over the years. Your support has been outstanding and greatly appreciated. Best of luck with your travels!

You will be missed @Lana O'Brien !  You have been such an amazing partner and have been core to so many of our awesome experiences with this community.  Thank you so much for your dedication and creativity.  Thank you!!!!!


Many thanks for your great engage with community is past years.


Great job ! And we always hope to see you next time !

Sad to see you go Lana :( You will be missed! Enjoy your time off, find your next passion and have tons of fun along the way :)

Very best wishes for your move and whatever comes next, you've been a valued part of our community Lana.
Wow, it's a pity you have to leave...you have been a key part of the Tech Community and you will be missed :-(. Wish you the best and also a really great time while travelling :)
You will be missed. Fantastic job. Thanks for keeping me informed for the last 2 years.

Christine Stack
Concur good luck out there Lana!

Thanks for your help and enjoy your travels. When you are in Japan, try to get to Kyoto, the temples there are amazing.

If you see this, Lana, you will definitely be missed! Was so great getting to know you during last year's Ignite. Best wishes to you!

You`ll be deeply missed, Lana! Your commitment to this community has been really inspiring, and I`m happy to see you have a great adventure ahead!

I second Michael`s ask here, do update us on your travels :D

Best of luck Lana you will be sorely missed in the team!  We are actively hiring for her replacement, if you have good candidates to recommend please send them to @Michael Holste!

Thanks for all that you have done.  You will be missed.  I look forward to our paths crossing again soon.  If you happen to be near Australia any time, do look me up.

Lana thanks for all the good things hope you have a great time in SE Asia

sad to see you leave.