New Article, White Paper, and Update: AccessChk
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First published on TechNet on Feb 27, 2007

TechNet Magazine: Inside the Windows Vista Kernel (Part 2): In this second part of a series on what's new in the Windows Vista kernel, Mark Russinovich looks at advances in the way Windows Vista manages memory, as well as major improvements to system startup, shutdown, and power management.

White Paper: Fundamental Computer Investigation Guide For Windows: Extensively using Sysinternals utilities; this free, downloadable guide provides U.S. based Windows IT professionals with a complete roadmap of best practices for conducting an internal investigation of suspicious computer activity.

The following Sysinternals utility has been updated:

  1. AccessChk v.3.0 Update : AccessChk is a security utility that shows you what accesses users have to files, registry keys and services. This update adds support for processes, including display of their Windows Vista object and running integrity levels.
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