Allow file sharing in chat but block OneDrive service

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A customer transitioning from S4B to Team is implementing a gradual deployment of Teams where they want to provide the same functionalities of Skype, specifically the ability to share files in a Team's chat (which require users having a OneDrive license)

They however don't want to enable OneDrive as service per se, outside of the file sharing in Teams chats. They also don't use Teams channels for the moment.

In Teams the Files app/icon can be easily hidden, the OneDrive client is not available on devices, which leave me with the OneDrive URLs to block.

What would be the best way to do this?

Firewalls and proxy are not an option as devices (managed) are used outside the corporate network.

I have looked into Conditional Access and MCAS but they both don't seem to cut it for this use case

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