Outlook 2013 changing the default zoom / magnify text setting permanently

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Looking for some help here. I have an end user who is on Outlook 2013 and is saying that until recently she was able to view all emails in larger magnified text size in Outlook 2013 when she double clicks and opens them up from her inbox. So for example I am sending an email in text font size 11 but on her screen it would display much larger than 11 as a default. I'm not sure if an update or something else changed on her machine but now she says that this setting has reverted and is very frustrated.


From what we could tell the Outlook 2013 version that she is on doesn’t seem to have a way to set this up permanently because the Zoom setting looks like it will only Zoom in on a specific individual email and does not persist. When you close the zoomed email that setting goes away.


Just to clarify this is not for the preview pane but when you double click on an email to open it. She'd like to adjust the text setting so it is the same size when she takes that action. Does anyone know of a way to change that setting permanently to make it zoomed in by default for all opened emails? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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