OneDrive macOS not syncing

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Running macOS Catalina 10.15.4 and OneDrive for Mac Version 19.232.1124.0012 (April 3, 2020).


1. The User logins into OneDrive for Mac using Office 365 work credentials.

2. The User Syncs a SharePoint Site.

3. SharePoint Site Syncs and shows correctly in Preferences > Account.

4. OneDrive Mac crashes/non-response 

5. The User Force quits OneDrive Mac

6. The user goes back into Preferences > Account and the SharePoint Site is not showing synced locations.


Tried uninstalling OneDrive and reinstall OneDrive, the problem persists. Any ideas?


How can we download the Deferred (Enterprise) Ring? the Deferred (Enterprise) Ring link in this article downloads Version 19.232.1124.0012!

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Is this onedrive syncing anything? Is the SPO site syncable with another client? For a different user? Same user/different computer?

I would start with these before changing the OD client.