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November 09, 2021, 08:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PST)

Teams channel purge after deletion

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Is there a way to manually purge deleted channels instantly vs waiting for soft delete timeout? 



One of our groups reached their channel limit this week. 

The obvious solution was to remove some channels, which they've done (86 of them). 

As deleted channels count towards the limit until they are finally removed is there a way to speed that up? It didn't look like the powershell command to remove channel can get around the soft delete time. 

I couldn't find the soft delete time but a couple references put it between 14-30 days which is too long. 




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It is 14 days via the UI

AFAIK there is no workaround to hard delete them.

There is a uservoice open here to be able to do that.

Seems pretty elementary. Need to be able to purge channels like AD users via Powershell.

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris

Thank you. 

According to the documentation it's 30 days.

(4) Deleted channels can be restored within 30 days. During these 30 days, a deleted channel continues to be counted towards the 200 channel or 30 private channel per team limit. After 30 days, a deleted channel and its content are permanently deleted and the channel no longer counts towards the per team limit.

However, we have some channels (private) that have been deleted for more than 30 days and they are still in the deleted list. Did it happen in your Teams?


However, we have some channels (private) that have been deleted for more than 30 days and they are still in the deleted list. Did it happen in your Teams?


I have this happening also and it's a pain in the **bleep**. Some channels deleted in october/november are still messing the system so I'm unable to create more private channels. Why is this so and how to remove them.


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Hello, still not possible to hard delete I'm afraid. As for the issue you're having I recommend opening up a support ticket with Microsoft to have them removed.


Btw, let me add a couple of UVs..


Permanently delete a channel – Microsoft Teams UserVoice


hard delete deleted channels – Microsoft Teams UserVoice



This is  the exact issue that I have with a Team that is used for client information that has 23 deleted channels back in 2020 - which makes it impossible for me to add any additional Channels. 


I placed a ticket today on this issue and I was basically fluffed off as "It looks like it is a common issue that has no fix as of yet. You can check this uservoice to see other customers facing the same issue while Microsoft is working on this issue to be fixed".


So, they aren't offering to do anything for me to delete the channels that won't purge from the soft-delete location a half a year later. I even have some channels that were deleted about a year ago that just never fully get deleted. 


Since I've been directed to a UserVoice article, it doesn't even seem like this is really being worked on as an issue. 

@mhines Hello, I haven't heard anything new about this. Let's ping a few for possible input.


@Christopher Hoard 

@adam deltinger 

@Vasil Michev 



Thanks as this has been a lackluster response from my support ticket and is a huge issue with securing buy-in to Teams when I've been basically instructed to create a new team for the new channels I can't create because of the deleted channels being counted towards the 200 channel limit.


I can't share the exact Team that exceeds the channel count, but I have numerous Teams with lots of channels that were deleted in 2020 that still are in this "soft delete" location. DeletedChannels.png


I don't need all of the teams fixed and I don't mind waiting for a solution - the one team that exceeds the limit of channels is a priority as it is for one of my organizations' board member's clients. 


What about restoring a channel and then deleting it via PowerShell. Could be an issue with the GUI

Best, Chris
When I was working with support, they had me do that and it did nothing to resolve the issue.

While I have no answer to what the problem was and if it will be an ongoing issue, Microsoft finally escalated my ticket and did something that purged the deleted channels that had been deleted over 6 months ago from the Team so I could now reclaim those "channel" slots towards my 200 channels.

I don't like not having a solution for if this happens again as I do have several Teams that have large counts of channels, but I guess for now the answer will be to put in a support ticket and not let them close it until they do the behind-the-scenes fix.
Thanks for letting us know

@Christopher Hoard UserVoice is a joke.  Most of them, especially anything dealing with purging a channel after deleting, are 2 years old with no response from Microsoft.  


That the most basic function of setting up and managing a computer system - create something and then delete it and start over - is missing from Teams for this long is just incompetence.