Team creation delay?

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Whenever we create a new O365 group with new members or add members to an excisting O365 group, it can take up to half a day to an entire day for the team to show up in MS Teams (browser or client). Has anyone else experienced something similar?


Interesting enough, when we go the other way and start by creating a new team from MS Teams, the O365 group/SharePoint/mailbox show up instantly without any hassle.


What could be the reason behind this behavior? We have no AD federation/Onprem sync enabled, just cloud users from Azure AD.

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Yes, this is expected behaviour!!


Due to the many services used Office 365 groups  it takes time to propagate! (up to 24 hours)


The general rule is: Add members in the service you want to use them for! In this example it is Teams. Then add them from Teams and it will go instantly!


Hopefully propagation will go faster in other directions in the future


/ Adam

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Agree with @adam deltinger on this. We see many cases where organisations try, for example, to create Teams via the Graph API or Powershell. It has taken up to 24 hours to show up! However, as you and Adam say if you do it straight through the Teams App then it pretty much shows immediately.

At the moment, I would recommend the same as Adam and to do it through Teams. However, there is a growing demand for this so I would maybe consider raising this question at the Teams Developer AMA today at 9AM PST in the Microsoft Teams AMA forum.

I think this latency/propagation needs to come down. More and more people need to do this programmatically - long term there can't be so much disparity.

Best, Chris

You're absolutely right. Our customer has over 15.000 users and specific need for automation + template design, so some sort of provisioning through MS Graph API is an necessity in this case.