Scheduling meeting in Teams with a physical room + Team channel

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Hi all, 


I have a very annoying issue. We have about 25 conferance rooms, and everything is setup in O365, with room lists based on building floors. The lists and rooms are showing up when scheduling a meeting in Teams. Now to the issue, many meeting are physical, but with the option to join via Teams. And the GUI lets you do this, to add both a Team channel and a room. When posting the meeting, the room is added. But when saved and updated, the room is no longer a participant and the meeting has not been sent to the roommailbox. But the meeting still says where the meeting will take place. 


If I do everything like above, but with the exeption of adding a Team channel as well, the Room is bokked in Exchange like it should be. Please I need help on this one. We are 500 people with 25 rooms that are used daily, and many users are starting to use Teams more. 



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You create a new meeting and select a channel to post the meeting in and then you select a room, the room is added to the Attendees list, correct? I you then later select to edit the meeting the room is removed from the Attendees list? Did I understand that correct?


I tried to to the same and did not have any problem from the Teams client.


Do you have the same problem if you try from the Teams web client?

Yes @Linus Cansby you understand 100% correct. 


Same problem in webclient. 


See video I made just now:!AgpuwVC6qJIChjMmVstmIeF1uFpO


@Andreas_Eriksson Ok, I understand the issue now and tested and I get the same problem.


If I create a meeting from Teams and add a channel and a Room the room is not added to the calendar booking. I can see that the room is booked but the room mailbox never replies that it accepted the meeting and I can't see the room in the appointment in Outlook. 


I will do some more tests.

I tested this and can confirm I can actually replicate it.

What's even more interesting - for me - is that the meeting booking doesn't actually show up in the room either. I followed your video exactly.

Definitely looks like a bug - when you add a channel in the meeting invite and invite the room then the meeting does not appear in Outlook in the invited attendees.

Only workaround I can get for this is to also add the room as a user under invite people - then it shows up in the booking in Outlook.

Best, Chris

I've reported this to Microsoft. I will come back when they answers.

I've been in contact with Microsoft for this and their suggestion was that you should add the room mailbox to the Team first and then it should work, I tried to explain that that is not a good solution maybe a workaround. But when I tested I was not able to get it to work with the room mailbox as a Team member either and Microsoft were not able to get it to work when they tested. So they are continuing to test this.


I noticed that if I edited the meeting from the Meetings app in Teams (changed time) it did update the room mailbox even if it was not listed as a attendee. But Microsoft Support agreed that it is not good for end users that even if it is working in the background users will be confused if the room mailbox is not listed in the GUI.


So I'm waiting for Microsoft Support to discuss this with the product group and then come back.


@Andreas_Eriksson @Christopher Hoard After contact with MS Support they confirmed that this is a problem for end users but it is by design.


Can you test: 

- Open the Scheduled meeting from the Teams Channel instead of opening it from the Meetings app, I can see the room in the attendees list and I can edit the meeting.

- Change the time from Teams Meetings app. Room is removed from the meeting.

- Change the time from Outlook Calendar. Room is removed from the meeting.

  1. @Linus Cansby As an external person to this issues, I have an interest as I’m thinking about setting up Teams etc with a new team I may be working with and any bugs early in the relationship scupper and undermine kudos with the group so need to know if this has been resolved to aid a smooth transition from   Outlook to teams!

@madagooUK This issue have not been solved, it is still the same problem. So if you have invited channel to a meeting, edit the meeting from the channel.

Adding my voice to this. We're having the same issue, and getting the same test results that you outline above. Additionally, for recurring meetings it is not possible to adjust a single occurrence via the channel.
I am having difficulty understanding how this is considered "by design". Is there a UserVoice post for this issue that I can vote for? If not, I can create one.

Has there been any resolution to this ?   We are experiencing the same issue.

@Lydia68 You need the admin to approve access to 'Resources' and you build 'resources' which are physical locations that can be assigned.