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We recently had a user record a meeting in teams and after the meeting was finished the meeting failed to upload to stream. I was wondering if any of you have encountered this before? I have checked the users stream profile and there is nothing there, We also recorded another meeting and it uploaded to stream fine. 

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Check the users license to stream!

@adam deltinger Thanks for your suggestion but we use O365 E3 which has the licence included and we managed to record another meeting after as a test and it uploaded to stream fine. 



Seems to be something wrong then regarding the actual uploading itself! I'd report it to MS by clicking the … and report a problem!

Afaik, there' not much to do from here


I have just experienced the same, with a user reporting that the meeting recording cannot be accessed and he is met by "Something went wrong" in Microsoft Stream when trying to watch the recording.


I looked up the meeting in Teams Admin panel and can see that the Bot handling the recording has been active, and the duration of the recording has been confirmed by the user. 


The user has the needed licenses and policies assigned and did successfully record a test meeting afterwards. It seems something went wrong in the event of uploading the recording, however, now I cannot find a way of restoring it.



I just ran my first meeting with Team and recorded it and had the same issue. I was able to download the video but it won't stream and I suspect it won't be available long term either.

@DexterM451 - did you ever find out where that file is stored whilst waiting to upload to stream?

@StevieMac in my case I root caused this to be the fact that my account was not Enabled for Microsoft Streams.  This requires a different License with microsoft and my instance did not have it enabled.  My company gave me a trial/demo license for 60 days and this fixed the issues.

Hello, we use Microsoft Teams in distance education and share our course records with students after the lesson, but today we have seen that many videos are not uploaded in the stream. Can someone help me?


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@husna_k I suspect your account or school/business configuration is not enabled with a streams account.  Try going here and logging in with your Microsoft credentials and see if it shows anything there.  Does it ask if you want to get a trial account or give any errors?


For me I know I have a message there now stating that my trial subscription has now expired and that confirms that I no longer have a valid account for Streams.


You can also reach out to your IT team and see if Streams is enabled on your account.


I'm sure someone else here can tell you a better way to confirm your subscription setup.

Hi @clinthic , thank you for your help.

I think there was an instant problem, not about subscription setup. After waiting a long time, all of them were uploaded to Stream, except for a few lessons.
There are still videos with upload errors, but download option appeared today, we will share it with our students in that way.


I also have this problem.

@DexterM451 Hi, check if the user has Microsoft Stream upload video permissions, this could be the cause of the issue:



We encountered a similar problem knowing that everyone had a license and permission to upload. We found that it was tied to the users not accepting the upload policy.  Here is my recommendation: 


Check to see if you have an upload policy acceptance requirement. If the user has not accepted the upload policy, the Teams meeting upload will fail. They can download the meeting, upload it to Stream manually (which will spur the policy acceptance screen), and then subsequent meetings will be uploaded automatically. 

kindly elaborate on the same. @SerenaP 

many teachers in my school are facing this. kindly suggest solution@clinthic 

@Roopsee I don't have anything else to add here other than what I posted back on : ‎04-21-2020 10:30 AM

The good news is you can still download the video while its there for 20 days and upload it somewhere else.


I'm not at all in the education arena so I don't know what general restrictions are in place for recording and uploading to MS Streams.  It is very likely a limitation that is set up by the school or school system. Or your account is not enabled with a MS Streams account.  Either of these could cause this error.

@Roopsee We started having the issue of "Recording failed to upload to Stream"  from yesterday all of a sudden. Everything was working fine until yesterday. We checked user app permissions, video upload permissions. Everything is set correct. Is this issue going across the board for all organisations like server issue. I have called Microsoft and no solution from them also. Any help in this regard is greatly appreciated.

Yes, this issue started for us yesterday as well. We are using education licensing. I checked all the recommended settings listed in this thread and everything was set correctly.

Definitely seems like an issue on Microsoft's end.

@Roopsee  If the usage guidelines have been set up, and requires user consent, the user will not be able to upload the Teams recording until after he or she has accepted the policy. The error they receive, unfortunately, isn't clear that the failure to upload is due to the policy not being accepted. The message is just "video failed to upload" without any details. 


In our organization, we have instructed our users to go into Stream and accept the policy prior to a meeting for a seamless experience or, if that hasn't been completed, download the video and upload it to Stream manually. If the usage guidelines are required and haven't been accepted, yet, the user will be prompted to accept before the video can be uploaded to Stream.


More can be found here: