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November 09, 2021, 08:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PST)

Out of Office status options in Teams

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Any tips on how to regain the drop-down option in MS Teams for status, to include the "Away" option?  My Away option slipped away in the night a few months back and has not returned.  This leaves only the Appear Away or the Be Right Back option.  Neither of those suffice when you are actually out of the office for the night or for an afternoon.

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If you stay idle and are away it sets status to away automatically. If you want to show out of office you can set an out of office meeting in your calendar that is marked as out of office and Teams will pick this up and change your status as such. You can also set your automatic replies in outlook to set out of office for extended periods.

@Chris Webb 

hello, am i Right that OOO is only working between Teams and Exchange online? 

If MY Exchange account is still on enPrem it doesn‘t work. 

Thx barbara 

Correct. The only thing Teams will support from exchange onprem is the meeting tab and managing meetings. presence is online only integration.
I know it's an old post, but I am having trouble setting my teams status as out of office. I am not sure what you mean by "set an out of office meeting in your calendar that is marked as out of office". I tried creating a meeting but do not see any option to mark it as out of office.
The best was to set out of office is through Automatic replies in outlook/owa. This will set it during the time specified.

If you want to show as out of office but not have auto replies setup then you can create an appointment in your calendar and on the “show as” drop down ok that window change it to Out of Office. Long as the appointment is far enough out the status will change automatically during that timeframe.

@Chris Webb When setting the out of office is through Automatic replies in outlook/owa, do you notice a long delay before the Out of Office icon is displayed in Microsoft Teams?  The setting is shown in Outlook immediately, but Teams appears to take hours before its being updated?



Yes. Teams has a scheduled job exact timing unknown but seems to be roughly an hour that scans your calendar and updates accordingly. I don’t know if there have been improvements to this but there was / is a delay from when you set automatic replies and or add items to calendar.

Away is now changed to Appear Away



@Het_Trivedi me too.  I tried, and it did not work. 

@Chris Webb Hi Chris, we have an issue with this out of office, user enabled out of office in outlook (even tried from OWA) and when others sent an email they are getting the Auto response, however the out of office message is not showing in MS Teams both for the user and for others. Please advise.


oh, thats okay. theres a offline option anyway. if its not in the dropdown, I just type /offline then im appearing offline. to let people know, I put a stauts message.

@arunrsn Has the user set up a calendar event with the subject line "Out of office" and status = Away?

It is now 2021 and I do not have the ability to set my Teams status to OOO when creating a calendar event inside teams.

By the way, you have to set up the calendar appointment as OOO in Outlook, not in the Teams calendar so that you get the full functionality of how these two applications sync for out of office messages. @PHS_IT_Trainer 

The OOO status is not disappearing from Teams even after the event time frame.
In Teams the status shows as """Available, Out Of Office."""
The OOO message only disappear from Teams after removing the event from Outlook calendar?
Is it a bug ?
I am having the same issue, however I remove the event but the issue still persists