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Good day, I am sure this has been asked before but I can not find anything on the web or Forum.


I have Channels that I want to move to another team. Eg. Team Name: Tender

Channel name in this team: ABC Pty

Other team: RFQ


I want to move the complete Channel ABC Pty from Tenders to RFQ?


How do i do this?



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Rob is correct!
Perfect Thank you so much for the fast response.

have a great day

Hello all!

Any updates on this enhancement?

The status is the same! No new updates! The person who was updating it has also left the company, but I hope someone picks that up l! The feature is in the works still I hope

@adam deltinger 

Hope they do as this is such a no brainer, as the channel expands 50% of the time you want to create a team for that channel, and you can't move anything other than the files. disappointing.

@HerculesConsen I really love to see this feature as well!!!

@Rob Ellis , @HerculesConsen this should be a basic function of an application like this, any update?

Nothing new on the uservoice, no.
Any further updates on the progress of this functionality?
No further info AFAIK

I hope Microsoft moves on this, because this is the most in demand feature in my org. Use cases keep popping up. People are reluctant to adopt and create teams, because they fear they will have to manually migrate channels when our fast growing business changes. @HerculesConsen  I created an account just to bring this up. 

Good day, all.

Jip no movement yet on this feature.  I hope they make this a priority.  I can understand from a development aspect why this is a challenge.

But they have added other features that we have requested, at least that is a positive. 

have a great day. @3lizabuttons 


@HerculesConsen What can we do to get this pushed to development? I'm trying to convince my users to utilize this tool but not being able to move channels is a hard stop for me as the team I'm piloting with asked that specific question when reviewing the product. This should also be disclosed in the training videos as well so orgs know what the limitations are before they get started with implementation. 

@Jay26 the more votes it gets on UserVoice, the more resource gets assigned at Microsoft. To my knowledge it's something that will be looked at after Private Channels which has been a focus for some time, and technically becomes a pre-cursor to moving channels.
Creating some planned structure for your Teams up front should really remove too much issue here. For example pre-creating major departments or other structures in your business would allow users to choose the right space for their channels to exist, moving would only be required if something was in the wrong place the first time round.

@Steven Collier 

I'd like to second this idea, and would love to see support for this added. As much as we'd like to pre-define a structure, things can change, and requirements can evolve when starting a new organization. In these cases, having the ability to move entire channels between Teams would be fantastic.

Yes, this is much needed. One inch closer to the big slack migration.

@Juan Carlos González Martín This missing feature is currently blocking us from adapting teams.

@Juan Carlos González Martín   Any update on this feature?  It's very important for our organization and project workflow. 



@Juan Carlos González Martín i'd like to see this feature as well


i really want this feature also... @technipc_nd 

We really need this option, it's becoming a weekly request from our uses.

I just want to add another vote for this feature. We would need it as well. It's a pain to move channels manually



How are you moving them manually?  Are you cutting and pasting or how?

@kspoelker yes, stupid simple copy and paste. Fortunately, we don't have too much in this specific channel. Just some hours of work to move it. Other channels we were maintaining for years already. There we had no chance to do it manually without getting crazy...



Frustrating.  Not being able to move conversations between channels and channels between Teams is holding us back from fully implementing the application.... GRRR.


@HerculesConsen - MS should have rolled out this feature with Private Channels.  It is reasonable to assume that customers will want to migrate existing content to newly created private channels.  The other option would be to convert an existing channel to private but I do not think that is possible yet. 

@montagePBSC neither is possible, but would people want to wait even longer for private channels to become available for this to be developed? It is far from simple to achieve, what should happen if a member of the source channel isn't then part of the destination team or private channel, should they be prevented from seeing what they previously posted, should it disappear?

Keep voting on UserVoice, the product team are thinking about this requirement and the more popular it is the sooner we will get it.

@Andreas KramerSame here. Don't know why MS is not updating this loophole.

Agree this is much needed. Teams is rapidly becoming another difficult to navigate repository. Yes, planning is important, but in a large organization it is difficult to propagate and enforce best practices. Please add this capability.l



Move, Archive and Export channels in MS Teams is possible with a third party solution of SphereShield:

@Jay26 I have the same issue.  It is hard to standardize on Teams when I can not move channels.

@Juan Carlos González Martín  @Juan Carlos González Martín 


Do you have a way to get an update on this feature request?

Could possibly make a huge difference in the way we use Teams. 




Santa Claus got stuck in the chimney ...


@Rob Ellis  Hi :)

Do you have any news regarding this subject?



No, sorry.

@HerculesConsenThis really needs to happen, as you get to grips with teams you realise that structure needs changing and this holds you back.



I would also like to put my vote in for this feature. very much needed now. When you need to make life easy for people and get those that are not tech savvy on board. features like this help to keep it simple.

agree 100% , the structure is always evolving , particularly now with security on individual channels. not being able to move things around to suit is blocked adoption

I have posted this issue on so many platforms and was disappointing when they revealed the updates to Teams and did no see this included. 

@Rob Ellis  Let me add my vote also.  to be honest, the technical challenge should not be that much.  you can currently do a back up and restore of SharePoint, isn't teams basically SharePoint with a different skin (ish)..


I have seen your need to move channels in MS Teams. This is actually possible with the solution from SphereShield here:
You are welcme to try it yourself.

It's 2020 - only another 2 = years to go.

@Dean_Russell It's a conundrum that's now compounded by this sec model update, because it's now the reason why we want to move stuff around!  So if 200 posts wasn't enough (probably representing 20,000 businesses), this just became a priority for 10x the number of customers.  


I also understand the underlying complexity of a request like this.  I actually feel that now that new features are implemented, especially private channels, this will drive the urgency on this like us.


We built teams with only 1 channel per team because of a lack of permission customisation within the team.  Now that we can do this, we want to change the structure of our teams and channels to enable external access and tighten security within our organisation.  Now having used teams for 2+ years, it's a lot harder for us than our clients who are recent adopters to Teams and no issue for future adopters; but given Teams is presumably the fastest adopted product in Microsoft's history, there will be millions of customers now wanting to restructure their teams as a result of the security model change.


I accept that they would need to consider not just the OOTB Teams channel features but any other MS apps that plug in like Dynamics, Planner, Bookings, etc.  Therefore couldn't Microsoft offer a staged roll-out of this feature via early release channel that would allow SharePoint and Exchange Specific connectors to be done first?  Next, do all the CDM PowerApps like Bookings, Planner etc., then look at the 3rd party integrations which would probably be easier to remove and re-add as they provide feeds rather than in-app data.




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