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Is there a setting in MS Teams to specify a specific time zone regardless of the local time zone? I have a user who traveled from CA to NY and he wants the time zone in MS Teams to stay in CA time zone and not NY time zone.


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there is no seperate setting it’s tied to the device it’s on.
Agree with Christopher!

@Tommy Moua how to change my time zone? my time zone is set on pacific time (US & Canda) please help me with my issue i really need to learn how to change time zone

@marcelo05 I have the same issue. My clock setting is correct. EST. Teams displays in GMT. My meeting in Teams all reflects the GMT timezone. ITs very frustrating and I cannot find anyone with the answer


@markmartinstaples Same issue here. Tried logging out and in, didn't work.


Has this issue been resolved?
I am experiencing the same issue.

Thank you.


@Tommy Moua 

@Thomas931  No, it hasn't

Same issue here...



I have 2 users who are experiencing this as well.  Local time on PC correct, Teams time wrong. One user it's off by only 2 hours, another off by 13.

I have the same issue with a few VM's and teams  It's off by 8 hours. I have a ticket open with Microsoft.  SO far it's just been passed from one support rep to another. @dtinsman 

Oh and it seems to be tied to version 1.3 If I reinstall version 1.2 it works just fine.. until it auto updates.

@richs882155 --Thanks, this was driving me crazy trying to figure out what changed.  At my work I get updates first before anyone else to "test" them out prior to getting released for the entire company.  My time is in CST even though I'm PA.  I'm on version

@Shep23 Mine's now working all of a sudden...



Still broken for us


The response, "there is no seperate setting it’s tied to the device it’s on." is definitely not true.  My system is set to Eastern Time:

But EVERY TIME I schedule a meeting in Teams, I must change the time zone from PDT:


This is aggravating and ridiculous.  And it certainly is not tied to the machine it is on.

@chris1218 Let's report the answer as inappropriate - because it is :sad:


I mean, mine's working now all of a sudden - but at least they should come out and let us know what happened.

Hi All,


Just adding my voice to this issue. It only happens on my work computer and my work account. As far as I know, I'm the only one affected. The time is off by one hour in Teams yet working correctly in Outlook.


I've checked all of my laptop settings and the time zone is correct.


Near as I can tell, this happened at the time change.

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@George Klucsarits  This seemed to be the case for me. I found a quick work around that seemed to work. 

Go to your computer settings, then to Time & Language -> Date & Time. There is an option to adjust for daylight saving time automatically. Mine was checked "ON" but when I turned it off and back on, my Microsoft Teams calendar updated to the correct time. Hope that works for others!

@sean2015 Brilliant! It worked. Unchecked, saved, then rechecked the setting, restarted Teams, and all seems correct.

Thank you!