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Hi All,


I am looking for a solution that will allow me to import or create multiple contacts into my contact list on Microsoft Teams. I would like to add all of my clients numbers into my contact list for easier calling but I cannot go through one at a time to do so, it would take to much time. As of right now I can add them one by one but I would believe there is an easier solution? 



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Currently there’s no way to add them any other way then manually one by one
Hmm, are you referring to call contacts?

If so, these can be populated in Teams by adding them to Outlook so you could, if you haven’t done so, bulk add them to Outlook via an excel spreadsheet which should save you a load of time. See article here

Would of course test it in Outlook to make sure it pulls through to Teams as required.

Hope that answers your question!

Best, Chris
Sorry, didn’t mean to confuse! Though you were talking about chat contacts :)

@adam deltinger 

No worries. I should have been more clear. 



I just implemented this feature into the following Chrome extension =>

:rocket: Enjoy ;)


@Christopher Hoard that is not workable. My contacts already exist in Outlook and in Skype but I can only add them to Teams chat one by one. Isn't there some way to import them in bulk?  Thanks


This thread was referring to call contacts, not chat contacts. Please refer to original post.

Teams doesn't have an ability to do this currently. There is a uservoice on it here

Would recommend you vote to push it up the agenda.

Best, Chris


@Christopher Hoard  Hi guys, I did a test just now when in a Teams meeting and dialled my own personal mobile number, it displayed Mark Moran Mobile which is what I want but I am wondering where it is pulling this from? I checked in Outlook and I can't see a contact for Mark Moran Mobile? I ask because senior management want to be able to identify people who regularly dial into Teams meetings. Instead of showing a number they want a name displaying, do you know how I would go about doing this?




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