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I am looking for a solution that will allow me to import or create multiple contacts into my contact list on Microsoft Teams. I would like to add all of my clients numbers into my contact list for easier calling but I cannot go through one at a time to do so, it would take to much time. As of right now I can add them one by one but I would believe there is an easier solution? 



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Currently there’s no way to add them any other way then manually one by one
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Hmm, are you referring to call contacts?

If so, these can be populated in Teams by adding them to Outlook so you could, if you haven’t done so, bulk add them to Outlook via an excel spreadsheet which should save you a load of time. See article here

Would of course test it in Outlook to make sure it pulls through to Teams as required.

Hope that answers your question!

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Sorry, didn’t mean to confuse! Though you were talking about chat contacts :)

@adam deltinger 

No worries. I should have been more clear. 


I just implemented this feature into the following Chrome extension =>

:rocket: Enjoy ;)

@Christopher Hoard that is not workable. My contacts already exist in Outlook and in Skype but I can only add them to Teams chat one by one. Isn't there some way to import them in bulk?  Thanks

This thread was referring to call contacts, not chat contacts. Please refer to original post.

Teams doesn't have an ability to do this currently. There is a uservoice on it here

Would recommend you vote to push it up the agenda.

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard  Hi guys, I did a test just now when in a Teams meeting and dialled my own personal mobile number, it displayed Mark Moran Mobile which is what I want but I am wondering where it is pulling this from? I checked in Outlook and I can't see a contact for Mark Moran Mobile? I ask because senior management want to be able to identify people who regularly dial into Teams meetings. Instead of showing a number they want a name displaying, do you know how I would go about doing this?






I can't even add one single contact to my Teams. Feeling SUPER frustrated right now, and wondering if I made the wrong decision purchasing Office 365 Business Premium in order to be able use Teams. I've spent many hours since purchasing it yesterday, and have gotten exactly nowhere. This does not strike me as the kind of work one should have to do to get it to function--and then still not have it function. What am I missing?? I'm a sole proprietor in my business, so every contact has to be an external contact. Can someone please help?

@tompatterson45  I am in the same boat here! Finding this frustrating. I need to add external users onto teams and so far I am getting nowhere.


I have the same need and concern.  Hope we see a solution.

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Have you done everything in this checklist to fully enable guest access in Teams -


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@Mark Moran There should not be a need to enable guest access on each contact, if you have ported phone system to teams. There should be an option to upload different shared contacts visible to different group of executive and staff and use to to dial external number. 

Guest contact is useful for user not using phone system in Teams and using Teams to Teams to communication. I think the question pertains to contact and dialing external phone through contact not Teams to teams communication with guest contact on web/app.

@Prasant Chettri Hi there, we have not yet ported our phone system to Teams. All we want to be able to do (if possible) is have the contacts name appear when we use their number to add them to a Teams Meeting or call. This will allow us to more clearly identify who is on the call.


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Thanks to @samber42 for providing the solution. Please try this in Chrome. I think, it is the best solution I have seen so far.

Sarcastically, one needs Chrome to solve Microsoft problems.


i am no expert but i may give up on team if I cant import my contacts from outlook

Can you help me?



Hope this helps in time.

1. Open Chrome.

2. visit: in Chrome as developed/provided by  @samber42  in the original post:
3. "Add" the "Refined Microsoft Teams" extension function to your Chrome browser
4. You will see an icon Refined Microsoft Teams tool for ChromeRefined Microsoft Teams tool for Chrome added on the right of URL line. 
5. Click on it, Tick "Enable 2 columns display", and Click Save.
6. Go to login and enter your Teams in Chrome (must use Chrome; no IE, no Teams for Windows, either.)
7. Choose the Team you want to add members. Go to add members, you should now find that you can copy and paste a list of members with their emails separated by ";" (semicolons).
8. I used Excel to make a list of string by combining all the members' emails. Use something like "=H2 & ";" & G3" for H3 will do the trick if all emails are listed in column G. Column H can concatenate all emails in one string.
9. Copy and Paste the final long string into the "Bulk import" window and Click "Bulk import" like below.
add emails in stringadd emails in string
10. Wah-lah! you have all emails included in the members for the Team.


@drjkc can this work for speed dials too or just email addresses?  Teams does not currently have a Globally managed speed dial list - so that staff can easily dial out to shared contacts.  Teams does support this on a user-by-user basis - but nothing global.  


I could, and just have, created a "Speed Dial" Team and bulk add external email addresses - but that's really just adding external users to a MS Team - phone numbers don't seem to be a part of this.  


It's a cool feature - it just doesn't solve the problem of global management of speed dials for external numbers.  

@sfanjoyImport all contact to the outlook with CSV, then use the team in  browser , In that you will all outlook contact with phone number  and easy to dial. but it will not appear in the desktop app version team.