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November 09, 2021, 08:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PST)

How can I see the changes made in a document in teams "Track Changes"

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Was wondering if I can see when someone has changed a document like track changes do in regular word on teams.  It would be very helpful when collaborating.

example: "That Mountian is huge."

My boss goes in and changes huge to big because that's what they liked and someone else goes in there and puts huge back in because they think huge will work best, but the boss wants big. 

Track change is great for that not sure why it isn't an option in teams. Suggestions?

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There is no such thing in teams! Teams itself doesn’t provide tools for document management! Sharepoint in which files are handled, have file history and version history, but will only tell you when and who edited that file vs saving the different versions!
There is a compare feature between versions so you could be able to see what happened between the versions though!

Ultimately you have to use the tracking in word still for this!


@adam deltinger just saw your post on seeing changes in documents. It is my understanding that when I start to edit a document in Word desktop then that takes my document "out" of Teams temporarily so no one for example can see I am editing the document and you can't have simultaneous co-authoring. Is that correct? I am just baffled that Msft can't crack this nut, because I am pretty sure Googledocs allows co-authoring and the ability to see what is being/has been changed. 



Like @adam deltinger  says, you do not have that functionality in Teams. However, if You edit the file in the desktop version of Word you can track changes there. 


There is an entry with a similar request here in UserVoice that you can vote for:


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@AlbertaGymnastics if you open the document in SharePoint you have the usual version history functionality of SharePoint at your disposal.


It would be good to be able to access this from directly inside teams though.

@AlbertaGymnastics In your MS Team area, go to the "Files" tab.  Select the Word document and in the Top Ribbon, click on "Open in Sharepoint".  Sharepoint will open and display Documents > General.  Select the Word document again, and in Top Ribbon, click on "...".  It will display Version History, showing all changes to the document over time.  From there you can open/download two versions and do a compare.


IMPORTANT NOTE.  When Sharepoint opens, you MUST select the Word document again, otherwise "..." will NOT show the Version History option.

Did you ever figure this out? I have just started using teams and figured that multiple edit tracking would be a critical component of the product. It seems to me that orgs that buy this product are looking for this. Am I crazy?


@MikePearsonQUU  Thanks for this - it seems to be the best solution presently available, though far from convenient.

Hi @adam deltinger .  I saw a response to a post you made last year regarding changes to documents in Teams.  I have a document and want to see who changed the document.  Is there a way to do that in Sharepoint or Teams?


Yes, of course "document co-authoring" or "document collaboration" is possible but you have to satisfy a few conditions:

1. The documents have to use the correct format.  Word docx files have to use the latest format.  You can't use docx in compatibility mode

2. Your office applications have to be 2016, 2019 or 365.  Of course, it's better to use 2019 or 365.

I found a tutorial online that may be of use to you or anyone who has even already taken a Microsoft training course because apparently someone I know wasn't taught how to track changes even though they took a course in how to use Word by Microsoft.
...I can't help but shake my head at the level of education provided these days...