Any way to control the Webcam Video feed sizing in a Teams meeting?

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I found this Uservoice item that is mostly the same as what I'm working with but there's no response so I don't know if anything has changed.


We have an issue that the webcam feed from users gets cut off and resized based on how many people are in a call.  If I have a call with 1 person, both our camera feeds are full size.  If one other person joins, both of my incoming feeds get put side-by-side on the screen and it chops off half of each video to center the image.  If another person joins, then two people get put above each other back in widescreen and one person is left on the size cropped and centered.


We have instances where a team will meet in a conference room and have a couple remote employees connect.  If it's just the main room and one remote person everything is OK.  But, as soon as one more person joins, the remote people can't see the feed from the conference room except for the very center of the image because it gets cropped.


In S4B there is a checkbox in the Video Settings where I can turn off the Crop & Center feature so my feed is always in widescreen.  I don't see any setting like this in Teams anywhere.


Does anyone know of any way that we can have Teams show the full webcam feed and just resize the whole image to fit in the space allotted to each person?  Can I choose to always show the conference room widescreen and not the others?  Can I hide feeds I don't want to see and only show the conference room?  Just looking for any ideas anyone might have that will help us.



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No current way. I've voted myself because I don't think I like the whole cropping thing myself.
It really is amazing how much Microsoft has neglected the meeting experience with this product.
It’s an evolving product. They have done so much over the past six months I don’t see them stopping now. It’ll get there

Why put out announcements like "Teams has reached parity with Skype for Business", when there are so many showstoppers out there for a company to migrate?

I don't see any 360-degree meeting view support among the Teams-supported devices so far. Anything known on the horizon? I agree that a device-agnostic setting to switch off automatic cropping would be very welcome. As 360-degree cams become more common, it will be essential.

This is an even bigger issue when the main video feed is cropped not to make space for another video, but just to show the avatar of a participant that doesn't use video. Such a waste of screen space, at the expense of the other video feed. S4B used to bring to the front the video of the person speaking.

@Mike Boehm, I know this is old, but now you can right click on one of the feeds and "pin." That video feed goes nearly full screen while all the others go down below. Great for one onsite office with a few offsite feeds.

You can now right click on individual users video feeds and choose to fill the frame or show the entire video.

(Don't have Teams in English, so not really sure what it is called.)

@Thorbjørn Bruarøy My Problem with that solution is: It still crops a bit top and bottom. Because if you have a Video resolution of 1080p as a webcam, but Teams shows the other participants at the bottom then there is only so much space left in the picture...