Unable to login to Microsoft Learn

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Can't sign in to MS Learn nor continue a challenge I already started.
Try to sign in with my email and then password.
System recognizes the account existence however after providing password I will be send back to the sign in page.
I receive no errors. Just can't sign in.

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@Reza_Hajiha I had the same issue too.


Were you able to resolve it yet?

No. I opened a ticket with Microsoft however was tasked to create a comment here!
Finished 14 of 20 modules. This morning could not continue. Is simply not taking my credentials is not providing any error! Don't know what to do?
Also send an email to Email address removed however did not hear anything yet!
I hope someone is able to assist.






i had that same issue when trying to logon to my personal microsoft account from my work computer. worked fine when i swapped back to my home pc. maybe your organisation has some rules implemented for which accounts you can sign into?

I am having the same problem here. Any recommendation?
See https://docs.microsoft.com/en-gb/learn/support/troubleshooting - The Microsoft account that you use to sign into Microsoft Docs may need verification if you haven't used that account for a while, or if your account requires email or phone verification. You will need to resolve your account login issue through https://support.microsoft.com
That wasn't it for my scenario. It literally just doesn't work when trying to logon via the work computer which is locked down to only letting me logon to corporate O365. I use my personal microsoft / O365 account daily



I'm having the same issue right now, i'm not able to continue module. anyone can assist please!

i am currently having this same issue, please has anyone been able to solve theirs?
Check if the date and time are set correctly, I don’t know how this is connected, but it helped me solve the problem.
I had the same problem. Actually I was able to login to my MS account but when I tried to log in to MS Learn I had the same issue.
I was able to solve it by setting date and time correctly (in my case it was a few hours wrong).
I hope this could help you.
Thanks @wh0syx

@Reza_Hajiha Hi, same problem here, i can login in my laptop but not in my ipad browser where i prefer to read. Have you found a soultion yet? please share if you did. Thanks in advance. 

Read message above.
¿Have you tried to sync time settings?

@Reza_Hajiha same issue also here. How to open a support to ticket? 

I had the same issue, had the wrong time zone set.
Setting time correctly solved it for me.
This helped me!!! Thanks a lot.

The trick is to sign in from another device. As example, I use my phone to sing in, then I try to sign in from my laptop. It will not let me, then I go back to my phone and sign out, then back to the laptop and it signs in just fine. I have to do this at least once every two weeks because this site keeps failing. @Reza_Hajiha 

I adjusted the time zone and resolved the issue