Three ways to learn in-demand technical skills on Microsoft Learn
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Microsoft Learn provides many ways for gaining and validating technical skills and expertise. But did you know that it can also help you identify, learn, and showcase in-demand skills while directly connecting you with job opportunities?  


Beyond technical training, Microsoft Learn offers a variety of resources that help you identify skill-building content directly applicable to certain job roles. Knowing where and how to utilize these resources on Microsoft Learn can accelerate your learning journey and ensure that you’re on the right path to achieving your career goals. Here are three ways you can identify and attain in-demand technical skills on Microsoft Learn. 


Get information on specific technical careers 

With 13 newly updated career pages, Microsoft Learn Career Paths offer curated roadmaps for attaining highly sought-after technical skills in certain fields. With job summaries, relevant credentials, and official Microsoft collections of learning material all in one central place, Career Paths provide essential guides for anybody serious about career advancement in technology. 




Available careers to explore include: 

Use Career Paths to discover the skills needed for certain careers, explore what a typical day on-the-job looks like, and recognize ways to make yourself stand out to potential employers.  


Practice relevant, in-demand skills 

Many technical careers require specialized knowledge, and collections that curate the best and most relevant training content and verifiable credentials can streamline your learning experience immensely. If you’re unsure where to begin, Career Path-inspired official collections recommend hands-on trainings and credentials for in-demand skills.  


For example, aspiring Solution Architects can review the associated official collection to identify prerequisites and subject knowledge required for several types of technical architect roles. For each Career Path, you can use collections to determine areas of focus and pinpoint the precise skills to develop. 




Network with other technical professionals 

Whether you're embarking on a career path, re-entering the workforce, or looking to make a career change, Microsoft Learn Career Connected can help you find a new job, offer resources to improve your skills, and explore career opportunities in tech. You can also join our private LinkedIn group, where you can share insights and experiences, ask for guidance, and connect with Microsoft customers and partners looking to hire people who have recently acquired skills in Dynamics 365, Azure, security/cybersecurity, Data, AI, or Power Platform. 


Ready to discover your new role? 

Get the skills you need for tomorrow’s job today. Take advantage of all that Microsoft Learn has to offer and pursue technical skilling on your own terms.  


Explore Career Paths on Microsoft Learn 

Network with Microsoft Learn Career Connected 

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