Microsoft bookings irregular hours/slots issue

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For the second year in a row we are using Microsoft Bookings for our school for parents to choose a slot for an event. The problem is that sometimes a slot disappears while it's not full.


Most of the time the problem occurs when using irregular hours. I'll give an example:


Parents have to be able to choose from the following slots:


  • 10.00u
  • 11.00u
  • 12.00u
  • 13.00u
  • 14.00u
  • 14.45u

The duration is 35 minutes and I set the interval on 1 hour. Is this interval correct?


I use 2 teachers with the following schedule to prevent overlap (the system itself decides which teacher gets the slots):


Teacher 1:


Teacher 2:



Is this correct or am I doing something wrong, because in this case the slot of 14.45u disappeared while not full.


Thanks in advance! 


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