Microsoft Managed Desktop for the Clinical Workstation
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Introducing Microsoft Managed Desktop for the Clinical Workstation

Microsoft Managed Desktop (MMD) brings together the power of Microsoft 365 E5, on a modern device, with endpoint management, protection and security provided and run by Microsoft.  For the first time, customers have a choice to either manage their modern desktops themselves or choose the Microsoft Managed Desktop as the easiest way to delight users and free up IT - providing the best experience for users, with the latest technology, that is backed by Microsoft.  MMD is directly aimed at these issues through the provision of an end-to-end, cloud-based solution where modern devices provision through Autopilot and then are kept up to date and secure by Microsoft.  The organization provisions the end-user experience through an Azure based MMD Provisioning Admin console.


MMD is currently designed for Enterprise accounts built around Microsoft 365 E5 (currently there is no E3 option). MMD has been incubating in the US and UK since January 2018 and will formally GTM in the US, UK, Canada and Australia/New Zealand in February 2019. Other geographic markets are being considered for rollout mid 2019 and beyond.


The “Modern Device”

Microsoft’s definition of a modern device is a Windows 10 device (laptop, 2-in-1 or other form factor) that is always up to date from both a hardware and Windows/Office Pro Plus perspective. In addition, the device provides the user with secure and productive work experience, with the flexibility to support the users in their specific ways of working (pen, touch, detachable or 360, and mobile scenarios).


Microsoft Managed Desktop benefits

MMD leverages IT as a Service which means that an organization will be able to "free up" the IT staff from managing the desktops and focus on other IT services.  Backed by Microsoft Device configuration, Security monitoring, App deployment, Update management, Desktop analytics, and 24 x 7 End user support, this service will bring a solid "as designed" desktop experience to your end users.  Microsoft will be responsible for the reliability of these devices.

It offers the best experience of Windows 10 and Office 365 ProPlus and also uses Windows Autopilot for Modern device deployment.  Devices can be shipped directly to end users and provisioned "on the fly" without IT interaction.  Microsoft has a curated portfolio of devices that currently include Surface with more OEM devices to be added.  These devices are included with the service and can be refreshed in 2 or 3 year device cycles with 48 hour replacement.  They are thoroughly tested for performance and reliability. 

Your devices will contain the latest technology and evergreen updates powered by the cloud with semi-annual feature updates and monthly quality updates.  These updates with include Windows 10 and Office 365 Pro Plus.  Staying ahead of threats, like Ransomware, with continual updates is very important as attackers take advantage of periods between releases to launch attacks.

As devices are refreshed or replaced in-place upgrades will be in use which will be configured to automatically preserve apps and settings, and user data.  Windows Update for Business is used to update devices directly from the cloud and minimize your IT effort.  The devices will be configured for delivery optimization to reduce the amount of data over the wire by using file deltas, and you can enable peer-to-peer transfer of updates to reduce bandwidth requirements even further.


What devices are available for MMD currently?

MMD is built upon the promise of a modern device always up to-date from both a hardware and Windows 10/Office Pro Plus perspective. Accordingly, only devices that meet our MMD engineering specifications are available for use with MMD.

MMD devices are selected and added to the catalog for their reliability and premium Enterprise features including Windows Autopilot, Windows Hello, Cortana premium, Bitlocker, Secure Boot and Hyper-V for Virtualization Based Security features like Windows Defender Credential Guard.

Our aim is to work with our OEM partners to ensure a portfolio of devices are available under MMD. However, at this early stage the current device catalog includes:

  • Surface Laptop: w/ 2.4 GHz i5, 8 GB DDR3, and 256 GB SSD apprx $80/user/month (24 month lease)
  • Surface Pro: w/ 2.4 GHz i5, 8 GB DDR3, and 256 GB SSD approx $80/user/month (24 month lease)
  • Surface Book 2: w/ 1.9GHz quad-core i7, 16 GB DDR3, and 512GB SSD $130/user/month (24 month lease)

Note that MMD is only available on Windows desktop devices and MMD does not currently support mobile devices nor Apple/Android device scenarios.  Customers have the option to renew the lease and refresh the device every 2 or 3 years.  More devices from other hardware vendors like Dell, HP, and Lenovo will be added to MMD's device portfolio.


How is MMD priced and licensed?

MMD involves both an internal and external process. This is due to the fact that

1) OEMs/Distributors are involved in device provision and financing

2) Microsoft does not offer first party financing on devices so a 3rd party financier is required to provide lease terms to customers

So, at a high-level:

  • Internal – E5 and ITaaS transactions via Business Desk (BD)
  • External – Devices and Devices financing via 3rd party
  • All pricing and EA amendment activity will be undertaken by CE/BD teams. However, MMD will launch with 4 elements:
    • MMD Admin Provisioning Add-on sku, one per customer tenant
    • MMD IT as a Service Add-on (ITaaS) sku
    • Requires Microsoft 365 E5
    • Device pricing from 3rd party partners
    • Devices are available through leasing options, however CAPEX purchases of approved devices are accepted 

Be aware that as this service has not yet released for general availability, the product has not yet received all its certification including the HIPAA BAA.  That and other certifications, like ISO, are in the works but there is no ETA at this time.

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