Announcing Public Preview: FSLogix Disk Compaction
Published Oct 06 2022 10:37 AM 1,334 Views

Hello FSLogix Nation!


We are pleased to announce a new FSLogix feature, Disk Compaction, which will compact containers at logoff. This feature will be enabled in all FSLogix customer scenarios.


Now in Public Preview!


What is Disk Compaction?

The most common configuration for FSLogix is to use dynamic disks. These disks do not shrink natively. This feature introduces the ability to remove white space within the disk and shrink the disk size.


Disk Compaction will save customers significant amounts of storage capacity on any storage where FSLogix disks reside. If your organization pays for storage on a consumption basis, using this feature will facilitate compelling cost savings. This feature will also work on any storage, cloud or on-premises.


How will space be recovered?

Disk Compaction will evaluate the disk and if the amount of space to be recovered exceeds an internal threshold, the disk will be compacted. The amount of space recovered will depend on each individual disk.


How long does Disk Compaction take?

Our initial findings show that disk compaction takes on average 20-30 seconds, however the first run may be longer. If the Disk Compaction operation takes too long, the operation will end, and the logoff will continue. Disk compaction will use the standard FSLogix logging and diagnostic processes, Windows Event logging and log files. Below is an example of the event which will be generated on disk compaction.





Eventlog showing the detail of the compaction operation


Can I turn Disk Compaction off?

Yes, you can learn more about this new feature and find instructions on how to turn Disk Compaction off in the FSLogix documentation.


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