How to package an application with large set of content ex: Visual studio (45GB)


In recent time we have got a request for Visual studio to onboard through SCCM, while we analyzing the Visual studio onboarding option using SCCM, have found couple of challenges one of them is complete package size is around 45 GB, if we exclude the Mobile, C++, Gaming, Extensions development it's reducing to around 32-35GB. 

we have very less cache in size for system (5 GB)

do we have any option/ approach for handling this kind of scenario? like incremental download, lazy, dynamic loading etc.

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Why don't you increase the cache size?

@Garth-MVP SCCM max cache allowed on machine is 28 GB, it does not work for our case.


@snveera that is not a ConfigMgr limitation. You can increase that size. you are only restricted to the HD size.