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we would like to setup complete environment to develop a very business critical applcaition. Since ours is a stratup, we would like to keep the coding all in Azure for security. Now the problem is my 40 developers RDP into Azure. Currently we are using 4 VMs with 28 GB ram and alloted 10 users each. We are expanding to another 20 ppl soon. But this is costing us more.  This is casuing more expensesive. Any ideas how we can resolve this? 

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Well, once you're using Azure deployment, it's not an issue (or not quite). There is a way you can edit your project online (instead of using VM's), which is IDE online (project codename "Monaco"). You can learn all about it here:

To use this IDE within existing deployment, just go to the existing ApplicationService instance, in the "Properties" blade find "Develeopment tools" and choose "App service editor".


For some people it may seem inconvenient but as for me it provides really good code editing experience (including basic intelli-sense). It may require different level of skills (incomparable to VS IDE) but the environment would be easy to share between developenrs though.