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Just reading more about CoCo and couple of quick questions please: 


  1. Does the framework allow deployments in private cloud shared between organizations ?
  2. What happens in environments without enclaves like Intel SFX? Does it allow for a pluggable consensus mechanism such that cryptlets continue to function ?
  3. Is there a transaction coordinator for transaction workflows that flow through many transaction-routers/ledger-adapters? Is there a controller module overseeing all the transactions ?
  4. How could I get my hands dirty with CoCo and is this the forum to discuss its architecture?




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Thanks for the questions. Note, we are still working on Coco and don't have any new announcements at this time. As soon as there is something new we will make sure everyone knows. Our goal is to open source the framework for all folks to use. 


Answers to your questions:

1. Organizations should be able to use coco in that configuration

2. Coco does not rely on only Intel SGX. It can use any hardware with that type of capability. Yes, it allows for pluggable consensus models

3. I recommend checking out the whitepaper for more details here

4. See note above

Thanks for the response Zeyad. Shall look forward to announcements around Coco.

In the meanwhile, went ahead and filled up the form for "Microsoft Azure Blockchain Study Participation" too.


Awesome, thanks Koshy.