Azure Synapse Integration Runtime issue

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I have an issue regarding integration runtimes in Azure Synapse pipeline.


I get this error while running the pipeline using trigger:

Operation on target cp_table_parquet failed: Source and sink in the copy activity must be connected via the same self-hosted IR, source is ir1, sink is ir2.

The thing is, sink is also a dataset using ir1 integration runtime linked service, and the same error shows up in multiple pipelines using multiple dataset and it's always the same issue, while non of the sink datasets are using ir2. So it seems like I'm getting an incorrect error.


All pipelines go through fine when using debug mode. The last version is published so there's no discrepancy between what I have on local vs what is published. Also, mentioned datasets were never even using the ir2 linked service, so there's no way I should get this error.


Anyone else had issues with this?

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