Recommend Serverless Framework?

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Do you recommend the Serverless Framework and how is it used for integration with Azure Functions/App Services? Any examples?



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@LouieZhang Our serverless capabilities are App services, functions, logic Apps and the PowerPlatform.  We have some resources you can use to learn about this here: Create serverless applications learning path - Learn | Microsoft Docs

@LouieZhang Good question. If you have experience with the serveless framework, you can certainly use it to develop your Azure functions as well.

If you're starting from scratch, I'd recommend using the native Azure functions tooling. That will give you the best experience from an Azure perspective. 

We do have some experience on Azure Functions/App Services but are more interested to learn how to integrate with Serverless framework, any tutorial/guides for Azure?

@LouieZhang That would be part of the documentation. You can find a quickstart here: