What points should a standardized and reusable governance plan contain?

Magnus Goksøyr
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In a previous post, I explained how to set up a Team to gain control over the governance of the various services in Microsoft 365. Many of you contacted me wondering if you could take part the document templates I use. Given that I mainly work in Norway and with Norwegian customers, these templates are in Norwegian and therefore there was no value to share them.


I have now translated the headlines of my template and I would greatly appreciate if you can give feedback on it. What more headlines/topics are important to document in a governance plan for a service (i.e Teams, SharePoint, etc.)?


Your feedback will hopefully result in that i get enough tips and thoughts to create a standardized template that i can share with you and that many can use.


Thank you in advance!

Regards, Magnus

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Hi Mangus,


Thanks for sharing! I want to start on a governance document for O365 as we will be officially pushing people to the cloud from on-prem next year.


I did some googling and based on the templates I've seen so far, most of them contain support and training. I can't see these elements in your template. But again, I'm not sure if a 'governance' and a 'governance plan' are the same or not. 


May I ask who the audience is of this governance plan? The last big heading you have is Global administration and settings. Is this for the administrators to know what has been set? I suspect the most of the areas should have been discussed in the previous sections?


Thank you again for sharing the template. Really helpful.

Thanks Jessie!


Support and training are great elements to include in the governance plan(s). I think that it belongs in the "overall governance plan" and that you should describe your support process (who to contact, when and how), I also think that "User Adoption" is a natural element in the "Change process". How do you launch new/changed features and how do you inform the organization of its values and how do you educate people. Many organizations have a well defined process and method/tools/organization for this and my opinion is that User Adoption is- and will be very important now and in the future as new features and functionality is continuously released. 

The audience of the Governance plan(s) are primary (in my case):

  • Service owners
  • Administrators (Global- and Service administators)
  • Security responsible
  • Change Team

I hope that was the answer to your questions.

Best regards and good luck on your journey to the cloud next year :-)


Thank you Magnus! Just to check if I understand it correctly - the overall O365 governance is for everyone in the organisation where as the service governance plan is more of an internal IT documentation. Is this correct?
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