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we're looking into consolidating services and moving form Slack to Teams is something we'd really like to do.

However, there's one deal breaker for us and that is the threaded conversations. The way we mostly chat doesn't work with this setup, we need the linear way that Slack offers.


Are there any plans at all to introduce the possibility to turn off threading for a channel?


Thank you.

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agree. thread chat makes user confusing. It is good to have, but seriously, UI needs to be changed.

When my team was using Teams, everybody was replying in thread, even it has nothing to do with original message.

When somebody is typing something, it is hard to tell you are replying to message in thread channel or just typing in chat room.

We moved back to slack for some reason, and major two was, 1. confusing thread chat, 2. no notification on channel chat.
Yeah I agree, having an option to disable threaded conversations will be greatly appreciated