Teams On Air: Ep. 65 Direct Routing for enterprise voice in Microsoft Teams

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If you missed last week's episode of Teams On Air you can still catch it on demand!


In this week's episode of Teams On Air host, Delanda Coleman, brings on Sr. Program Manager, Nikolay Muravlyannikov, to discuss the new Direct Routing capability in Microsoft Teams. Nikolay goes into detail about what Direct Routing is and how bring enterprise communications into Teams with your existing SIP trunks, certified Session Border Controls, and the Phone System in Office 365.



2:56 Introduction of Direct Routing

5:02 Benefits of Direct Routing

7:58 Configuration Requirements

10:42 Path to the Cloud

13:26 Teams Tip: Add a user to an existing chat conversation

14:30 Partners

16:18 Roadmap update

17:15 Q&A Links

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What the link to the Live Teams On Air webcast? The link on the page always goes to the previous Teams On Air broadcast recording.

These are the two links, the first one to the live event, look out for announcements for when to join:




This link is for replays, soon after the live events, the episodes are made available on-demand. 



@Deleted or @Cian Allner The Teams on air link opens the latest youtube video, the replay link opens the list of videos in YouTube. How can you obtain a link to attend live sessions?

Hi Jacqueline! The aka.ms/TeamsOnAir link will redirect the live video on the date it goes live. The next one coming up is April 26th @ 9am PST. You can find the details for the next broadcast in this post: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/Microsoft-Teams/Teams-On-Air-Microsoft-Teams-SharePoint-for-d...


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