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Is there a way via web console/powershell to see a list of all teams and owners under our account?  If not is there a way to limit who can make a team channel?

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My two cents here:
(1) The only way to get such information is via API, but I have not dug into Teams API
(2) You can limit Teams creation in the same way you can do it for Groups and Planner: by Azure AD Policy

A simple workaround as of now to find the newly created teams is by using Get-UnifiedGroup. By default when a new team is created its Office 365 Group will also be created. The difference is between the regular Office 365 Groups and Teams Groups is Welcome message. It is disabled in groups that are created from Teams. This logic will not work when a new Team is created using existing groups.


Get-UnifiedGroup |Where-Object {$_.WelcomeMessageEnabled -like "False"}|select Alias,ManagedByDetails
Thanks. Ideally there would be Team commands. Until then, this works for me. (For those not in the know, like me, this is an Exchange PowerShell command.)
Good stuff.. Thanks for sharing as this would suffice for now until more admin tools are available.
FYI - this also returns groups that were created in Yammer.

At the posting this script in year 2016, i think yammer groups are not exist. You can use the below script.

Get-UnifiedGroup |Where-Object {$_.ProvisioningOption -eq 'ExchangeProvisioningFlags:481'}|select DisplayName,Alias,ProvisioningOption,GroupSKU,SharePointSiteUrl,SharePointDocumentsUrl,AccessType

The above script is posted from the below thread.[Refer post by Santhosh Balakrishnan]

I know this post is old so PowerShell for Teams was probably not around at the time but it is now...


is this still all there is? There needs to be a better solution

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