Remove MS shifts schedule from a Channel in MS Teams

John Crook
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MS shifts has been integrated in to teams which is  great, I  have 2 questions

1, How do you remove a schedule from a specific team if created in error.

2, how do cancel a request once approved(like Vacation that now needs to be rescheduled)


I do not see away for either of these to be completed I am the admin for the account and see no options.

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How do you remove a schedule from a specific team if created in error.

Please look at the below screenshot .. Schedules > Group name delete

MS Shift.jpg

I am not seeing any option to cancel once its approved 

Time off requests


Thanks for the response but this doesn't do what I am asking. The first Image shows deleting the group, I dont have a group setup. What I want to do is delete the entire schedule from the Specific Team/Channel in Teams.

The the second Image canceling, I want to SWAP if that the term from an Approved Vacation in DONE to that of aa regular Schedule work day/week as needed. I only see Done in the request tab.




Hi @John Crook


Having tested shifts this morning. 


1.) As far as I can see, there is no option in remove the schedule from the Desktop App, Web App or Mobile. I have raised it as a Uservoice


2.) There is no ability to cancel a request once approved. I have raised it as a Uservoice here


The only workaround for this, for example a reschedule, is to send and approve a new request and then delete the old vacation booking. Not ideal. 


I will also raise both these points in the AMA which should be in the next months. 


Hope that helps and answers your questions


Best, Chris

Thanks Chris I hope this will be looked at quickly its what I would call basic functionality. This will hold of our POC until its Fixed.
We await some answers hopefully til next week!


Hi guys,

I clicked on Shifts yesterday in the Teams and a modal window showed up where was no cancel option, so I turned my computer off and today it showed up again on startup, so I decided to put the Shifts into the test team and now I can not get rid of it as well, saying just to entertain you :D really wondering how this could be rolled out without remove option.


However, you can just leave it there and create a new schedule for the desired team. Nobody has to notice that there has been Shifts added to a particular Team unless you tell people as it is not as a tab on the Team but in the left menu. 



Hi guys,

Just confirmed by Swati Jhawar of Microsoft on my Twitter that you only delete the whole schedule by deleting the Team itself. To also confirm what we kenow insofar that you can delete individual groups within the schedule.

Looking a bit limited at the moment. That's another AMA question.

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard 


In regards to your first point, I had accidentally deleted a team I created that had Shifts set up, after our admin restored the team and I try to access Shifts I get an error that says "Sorry, this team has already been provisioned with a schedule". When this functionality is enabled would that help fix this issue?

Hi @jhart33

I would probably hazard a guess that the knowledge on restoring a shift schedule is probably pretty sparse at the moment in respect to team restores. What are you seeing? No schedule for the team but when you try to create one it throws the error above? Did it not automatically restore it once the Team was restored? It may not get rid of the shift unless the Team is hard deleted.

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard 

Thanks for the reply.

I initially ran into the problem when I deleted the Team and thus the SharePoint it was tied to was also deleted. Since we were actively using the SharePoint but not Teams yet I needed the SharePoint restored. Upon doing so it also restored the Team. However now when I select Shifts I get prompted to create a schedule for the Team and when I do that and confirm the time zone I get the error that says "Sorry, this team has already been provisioned with a schedule" and it won't let me past there.

So now I can't even get back into Shifts.

Probably two courses of action here

1. Raise a ticket to MS and see how they resolve it. Would be good for us all to understand it.


2. Spin up a different SharePoint, move the data out, purge the team and Office 365 group and then recreate. Even then, from an academic interest it would be interesting if you still got an error after recreating the lot.

Probably more practical to do 1. at the moment.

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard 

Just to update this thread, I was able to find a workaround for my error.

I found a calendar in our SharePoint site that was named (Group Name) Schedule.

Since I know we weren't using that calendar in SharePoint I thought it might have been created when I initially create my Teams site. So I deleted the calendar in SharePoint then tried accessing Shifts again through Teams.

This time it asked me to create the schedule again and then it let me in as normal. 

Hi @jhart33

Fantastic news. Where exactly in SharePoint was that? Would be good to understand.

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard 

The calendar was found under Site Contents in SharePoint.

It seems that when I initially performed some test with Shifts it created that calendar there and the schedule was still tied to it when the SharePoint site was restored.

Having the word Schedules in the name of the calendar was the big clue since I knew we were not using a calendar in our SharePoint for anything at this point, especially nothing to do with schedules. So I knew there was nothing to lose by deleting it. Thankfully that did the trick.

@jhart33Just to clarify, because I don't see this.  I looked at the sharepoint team site and clicked on Site Contents.  Nothing there that shows a calendar.  I see apps, forms, pages, teams wiki data, but no calendar and nothing under any of the other folders.

@agoldenlife Yes, under Site Contents in the SharePoint site for that group. I removed the calendar from there then I was able to go into Teams and set Shifts up again from scratch for that group as if I was doing it for the first time again. 

@jhart33Thanks, I appreciate you clearing that up.  It appears my case is different.  I found that StaffHub was setup for this group.  So I need to migrate from that.  That was why I do not see a calendar.

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