New Feature: Do Not Disturb Priority Access

Christopher Webb
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Following up on my previous post about using Do Not Disturb status in Teams. There has been a little snuck in feature that I discovered today in the settings that allows you to set certain individuals to ignore DND Status. This allows you to set it so your boss or workgroup etc. can get notifications through when messaging/calling/@mentioning you but keeps everyone else from interrupting your focus time. 


The setting can be found under Teams settings window under a new "Privacy tab" 


Add users to priority access: 

Select the "Manage priority access" button where you can add a list of individuals that can break through your Do Not Disturb status similar to mobile devices Do not Disturb feature. 



Remove users from priority access:

To remove users simple click the x to the right of the user you wish to remove from notifying you while set to DND. 


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I am getting notifications, even though if I am in DND mode, 

please note that user is not added to my priority List. any idea on this?