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I notice that I couldn't configure Music On Hold audio file for the Teams desktop client.  In SFB desktop client, this can be done.  Is Music On Hold support in Teams?  If not yet, is it in development?


Thank you.

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This is on our backlog. Don't have dates to share yet but we are looking at it. :) 

Thank you for the updates, hope to hear the music soon :)


Is music on hold available on Teams now?


This why the "feature parity" claim with Skype for Business is false, there are too many things Teams doesn't yet offer from a voice stand point that is prohibiting partners and customers in transitioning Skype for Business Online / on-premises users to Microsoft Teams.

Yeah, this is something I'd like to see very soon. MoH has a very particular and necessary purpose. I can understand other features not being available and still saying that there is feature parity, but this is one core feature that is needed to say that there is feature parity.

Any updates on this topic?

Microsoft answered in a reply to a blog article that Music On Hold is underway (no date), but it will only be default music so you wont be able to select your own music.



@Chua KY holy cow this needs to be implemented, like last year! 


How can you have a phone solution when you clients don't know if they get hung up on?

1st.  Some 3rd party IP (3PIP) phones have built in Music on Hold.  They can be used in Skype for Business mode and signed in to Teams.  And provide hold music for Teams calls (internal, federated, Calling Plans and Direct Routing).  Not a solution for the majority since not a lot of people use desk phones for Teams.  It also doesn't solve the problem when you're using your mobile to answer Teams calls.


2nd - Microsoft have been working on MoH and as some said in this thread and others, it would be coming.  Happy to confirm that Microsoft added MoH for Teams to the public roadmap today.  https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/microsoft-365/roadmap?filters=&searchterms=50796.  Even more happy to confirm that it says it will be out for release in June 2019.  Next month!

That makes me really happy! I’m looking forward to it! Yeah the desk phone option isn’t an option for most people, I don’t think.
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